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Dennettia tripetala G. Baker (Annonaceae), or pepper fruit tree, is a well-known Nigerian spicy medicinal plant. The mineral, vitamin and nutrient composition of. Here are the 18 wondrous benefits of pepper fruit Dennettia tripetala you definitely need to know. Study shows that this fruit is good for us. Abstract. The study revealed the safety of Dennettia tripetala seed on man and the environment. Adult male rats weighing – kg.

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Creatinine is a by-product of muscle metabolism Odeyemi et al. Feed used was standard basal diet produced by United Africa Company, Nigeria.

Characterization of new sources of munbean Vigna radiate L. A blood sample 2.

Some of these plants provide us food, nutritional values and health benefits while some provide us with no nutrients and could even be toxic to human health. Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford. By clicking accept or continuing to use the site, you agree to the terms outlined in our Privacy PolicyTerms of Serviceand Dataset License.

Exactly 60 s after the first reading, a second reading was taken T 2 for both standard mixture and the sample. From the result of the LD 50sublethal doses of D. The observed reduction in serum AP level in the animal groups supplemented with D. Contact and fumigant insecticidal action of D. Effect of ethanolic extract of Dennettia tripetala fruit on haematological parameters in albino wistar rats.

It is also used traditionally as a remedy for cough, fever, toothache, diabetes, and nausea. Mechanisms and sources of resistance in tropical maize inbred lines to Chilo partellus stem borers. AP is reportedly a maker enzyme for the plasma membrane and endoplasmic reticulum damage and often used to measure the integrity of the plasma membrane Akanji et al.


The method has the merit of preserving the relations of cells and tissues to one another. Both the fruits, leaves and roots of the pepper fruit are useful for medicinal purposes Iwu However, there is belief that plant-derived insecticides are safer than synthetic chemicals such as permethrin because they are of natural origin Weinzierl and Henn, Bruchidae ] Idoko Chrysomelidae] on albino rats.

The spectrophotometer was set at zero at nm with distilled water. However, relationships between serum biochemical indices and liver and kidney functions of albino rats, in particular, have been reported by Ileke et al.

It furthers the University’s objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide. Pepper fruit, which is botanically known as Dennettia tripetala belongs to the Annonaceae family. According to Okwu and MorahDennettia tripetala fruits can serve as food and herbs for producing herbal medicines.

Adult male rats tripetzla 0. Related articles in Web of Science Google Scholar. Safetybotanical insecticide teipetala, permethrinsupplementationkidney damage.


Five healthy male rats were randomly selected one from each group without replacement and dosed after an overnight fast. Activity of essential oil and phenolic acid extracts of pepperfruit Dennsttia tripetala G. As a result, identifying these beneficial plants are highly imperative as a guide for gaining all the benefits they offer. Bactericidal Purposes Ogbonna et al.

A Review of the Uses and Medicinal Properties of Dennettia tripetala (Pepperfruit)

Bioactive compounds in banana fruits and tripdtala health benefits. Pests of Stored Cereal and Pulses in Nigeria: The acute toxicity study showed that the methanolic extract of D. Rats in group I tripettala as control and they were fed the basal diet. Nutritional Benefits Okwu and Morah study shows that Dennettia tripetala contains 0.


Altered biliary flow rate and bile composition following consumption of ethanolic fruit extract of Dennettia in rats O. This observation is in agreement with the previous studies by Akparie and Ileke et al. The experiment was repeated six times. Effect of chronic consumption of metabisulphite on the integrity of rat cellular system.

The adverse effect caused by the high concentration of the plant powder, in particular, corroborates the reports of Akparie and Ileke et al. Lastly, another benefit derived from tripettala pepper fruit is that it has anti-ulcer properties due to its composition of ethanol. Denbettia have remained an integral source of food and nutrients for both humans and animals. Treatment of Gastrointestinal Diseases The leaves, fruits and roots of the pepper fruit can be used for producing herbal medicines for treating gastrointestinal diseases such as stomach upset, diarrhoea, vomiting and worm infestation.

Showing of 2 extracted citations. Reconstitution was triipetala by dissolving mg of the extract in 2 ml of solvent 0. The phenolic content and antioxidant effect of the methanolextract of Dennettia tripetala G.

Chawla attributed increase in serum creatinine content to glomerular and tubular dysfunction. However, the group V rats that had significantly high level of AST possibly experienced myocardial infarction Karmen, and liver toxicity Ileke et al.