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DentiMax is easy to set up and easy to use. All versions DentiMax software come with days of telephone technical support, a comprehensive manual. Unless you live “off the grid,” you know that technology is an excellent tool. In a dental practice, technology has eliminated many daily manual. Compare pricing for DentiMax against the competition. There is a help icon on the pages that allows you to get instructions on how to do a.

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It seems not true anymore. Take a look at their Scheduler Screen, see that little box in the top left hand corner, see the little arrows DentiMax what a great system.

Lwin Yang, Dental Office Click here for the complete article. Recommendations Do your homework. We will be happy to contact you once it is completed manuzl issue you an updated copy. Please fill the form and send to request information about this product.

Likes Least The product is good but they need to keep their employees longer.

DentiMax Software Reviews – Page 3

If you make a mistake in your initial decision, make sure you can get your money back! Both of those are currently done through a third party that works closely with DentiMax to make it easy to provide excellent service, right from inside the software. Pros Detailed accounting for the front desk and simplified tx planning for me and my assistants.

I have used various software programs over the years, including Softdent and Dentrixand can say without hesitation that DentiMax is by far and away the best system that I have ever used. General dentistry April If you are looking for a complete system that is easy to use, you should mamual with DentiMax. Our practice is in the process of transitioning into an Orofacial Pain and Oral Medicine practice, which sends claims to medical insurances, too, so it helped tremendously to know that I don’t have to purchase additional software to do it!

  DILO 3-033-R002 PDF

Advice to Others Pay a little more to get a Dental Program that has features that should be standard on a Dental Program. denrimax

Thank you so much for your feedback! If not, you will need extra training. General dentistry Number of employees: DentiMax is very user-friendly and is very easy to follow. This is also something the training team can look at in your system and see which item is causing that to be the patient portion and easily resolved.

The training guide is currently under edit due to the program enhancements made we would like it to reflect the ease of the flow through the program. When we bought the software, we were told that it is integrated with electronic claim submission and electronic attachment submission.

You can also change fentimax sreen resolution on your computer if you want to increase the overall size too. Likes Least I did not like the ledger when I first started it.

Likes Best user friendly powerful billing capabilities built-in report writer very impressive support team with amazing response time easy interface to 3rd party systems bridging almost done for all imaging software. August August It would be nice to have two years of tech support included in the package price, maybe that was offered, but I don’t honestly remember.

Recommendations I will strongly recommend Dentimax for its practicality, simplicity, effortable price, and excellent support. I have not worked with this type of accounting system before. Recommendations The layout is so easy that you tend to miss things in the options menu.

Likes Best Day to day function. Best of all, if their customer support is excellent at the get-go, you are sure to be in good hands.


Make sure your software has these easy to use back, forward and home buttons – they’re just like the buttons in your web browser. Life is much simpler with DentiMax. Slow down and actually look at what you are doing while you are learning. Tejal from Dentist Specialty: Nanual rep has been so helpful beyond belief.

DentiMax Software

Be ready to try and explain the bill. DentiMax is a fraction of the cost of other leading practice management programs! Not fully integrated even with own document center and imaging software. However, there are so many issues with the Program that I deal with because I refuse to pay for Support to fix their programming problems. All versions DentiMax software come with days of telephone technical support, a comprehensive manual and context sensitive help screens.

There is a lot of empty space on the lower left of the Scheduler Screen. Like most software companies do, we have previously worked with a third party service for texting for years. We can also set that as the deafult for your older plans as well if the need is still there to do so.

By combining easy-to-use screens with a complete feature set and industry leading low prices, DentiMax has revolutionized the practice management market. Likes Manuao I am so happy that this software is user-friendly.

January January Not a big deal. Likes Best I can absolutely say I love dentimax, it has made my work so much easier, from insurance forms to billing.