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Diadynamic therapy is a type of electrotherapy which uses certain parameters of electric current: sine-wave current at the frequency of 50– Hz. The current is. Didynamic Currents. It is basically a variation of sinusoidal currents. Sinusoidal currents are alternating low frequency currents, having frequency of 50 Hz and. Diadynamic current MF. Diadynamic currents are unidirectional currents, what’s more, until recently, they were applied with the superposition.

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Diadynamic currents – Fizjotechnologia

We think you have liked this presentation. If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system. Share buttons are a little bit lower. Published by Amice West Modified over 3 years ago. Diadynamic currents are mixed currents, which use effects of the concurrent application of galvanic and faraday, or other impulse-like currents. This results in combined effects of both types of currents, especially induction of cufrent and analgesia.

The galvanic current component is combined with impulse component. The current with predominantly inhibitory effect has the frequency Hz, current with frequency 50 Hz acts rather dynamogenically, i. They are monophasic sinusoidal currents rectified alternating current with duration of 10 ms. CP and LP are used to prevent diadybamic.

CP and LP currents has analgesic effect and used in treatment of traumatic and neurogenic pain. It comprises 1-sec phase of MF, followed by a 1-sec rest phase.

Skin damage is due to electrochemical changes and changes in the pH value of the skin. To keep the risk of skin damage to minimum, treatment time should be limited to ten minutes. Peripheral nerve disorders as neuralgia, radiculopathy and herpes zoster. It should be increased gradually until definite vibration or prickling sensation occurs.


Not more than 12 minutes; each type for 3 minutes. Daily or every other day for 12 sessions. It is used for the initial treatment and before application of other currents. The patient feels a prickling sensation, which subsides after a short time. The patient feels durrent strong vibration for longer time than the sensation of DF. It is used for treatment of pain without muscle spasm. In DF phase, there are fine tremors in MF phase strong and constant fiadynamic.

There are rhythmic contractions, being used for treatment of traumatic pain. It has a long-lasting analgesic effect.

Diadynamic Currents

It is used with combination of CP in treatment of neuralgia. It can be used for faradic stimulation of the muscle and as a test for motor nerve excitability. This direct current can produce both a mechanical contraction and a chemical change within the body. While used clinically over the last 45 years, this type of stimulation and its applications have received much currfnt attention in the last five years.

Typical indications diadynamoc use include a wide range of clinical problems where high voltage may be applied alone or in combination with other modalities. Diadyjamic stimulation combines very short pulse duration of constant intensity and high peak voltage, yet low total current per second, to give relative comfort and avoid tissue damage while stimulating deep tissues.

Diadynamic therapy

It is also an efficient means of exciting nerve fibers. It does not burn low amps. It flows between each pad and dispersive pad usually placed on large muscle group. It can be used in water. It has the ability to move fluids. Is used for open wounds, burns and over scar tissue.


Can be used on metal implants. The negative pad is like heat, promoting increased circulation, reportedly speeding healing. The rate of injury or tissue deformation.

Cryotherapy or ice therapy is the diadynamjc of cold to the body tissues after injury. This practice is as old as medicine itself. Therapeutic Exercise The long term goal is to return the injured athlete to practice or competition as quickly and safely.

Electrical Agents Chapter 5.

Direct Currents Characterized by a continuous flow of electrons in one direction Characterized by a continuous flow of electrons. Deep transverse friction Transverse massage is applied by the finger s directly to the lesion and transverse to the direction of the fibers. Basic Principles of Electricity Jennifer L. My presentations Profile Feedback Log out. Auth with social network: Registration Forgot your password?

Diadynamic therapy « Spordimeditsiini SA

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