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Diary of a Nobody is near perfect as a piece of English comedy, its humor gentle and subtle, its depiction of character, class, time and location flawless. It fixes. : The Diary of a Nobody (): George Grossmith: Books. Aug 26, Channelling a razor-sharp satire through the everyday mishaps of the immortal comic character Mr Pooter, George and Weedon Grossmith’s.

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The Diary records the daily events in the lives of a London clerk, Charles Pooter, his wife Carrie, his son Lupin, and numerous friends and acquaintances over a period of 15 months. He is a clerk of a somewhat stuffy and pompous nature but with a love of bad puns and jokes luckily for him his wife shares his sense of humor!

Mark Nicholls from circled the Mark Nicholls from like a toreador taunting a pacifist bull. I always feel people are happier who live a simple unsophisticated life. This social failure, patriarchal failure, is so unintentionally comic in his manners and his daily existence that all I did was laugh as is human and find kindred spiritedness as is also human.

He might be a Nobody, but he surely pointed towards the future in a more realistic way than many other Victorian heroes. A diary format allowed the Grossmith’s to have a series of comic view spoiler [ I use the term lightly – comic at least in their opinion, the reader will make up their own mind hide spoiler ] incidents without the inconvenience of a plot, although there are some long running story lines that are tied up by the end of the book.

One is torn between feeling desperately sorry for Mr Pooter and recognising that we can all be impossibly pompous and self-important at times and laughing out loud at the many slights and injuries he receives at the hands of tradesmen and his fellow clerks. Pooter is snobbishly upset to be greeted familiarly by his local ironmonger, even more so when this tradesman appears to be on social terms with some of the more important guests.

Reviewing this volume in The SpectatorBenny Green points out several parallels with the original, in both character and event. In the summer their son arrives from Oldham and informs his parents that he wishes henceforth to be called by his middle name, “Lupin. Want to Read saving…. His wife Caroline, or Carrie, is the only female who’s depicted in a flattering light, but that’s more than geodge.


Other social events also turn sour: This included a minute burlesque nobldy of Hamletin which George played the title role; Weedon was Ophelia.

The first adaptation for screen was Ken Russell ‘s short 40 minutes film for the BBC film georgd in Birrell wrote that he ranked Charles Pooter alongside Don Quixote as a comic literary figure, and added a note of personal pride that one of the characters in the book—”an illiterate charwoman, it is true”—carried his name.

The Diary of a Nobody

They’re also excited to be able to afford an extra ‘chimney glass,’ which I also looked up, so as far as nobodj into the day-to-day life of a middle-class British family, circathe book is a small gem.

He also established a national reputation as a piano sketch entertainer and wrote a large number of songs and comic pieces. The character names like Pooter or his friends Cummings and Gowings give you another idea of the Grossmith’s sense of humour. Lupin joins the couple for their annual holiday week in Broadstairsbut relationships are strained by Lupin’s “fast” habits.

The Diary of a Nobody was the work of George Grossmith and his brother Weedon Grossmiththe sons of a court reporter and part-time stage entertainer, also named George. Be the first to ask a question about The Diary of a Nobody. The ending is also clearly an attempt at coherency whi The perfect summer read. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. By the younger George Grossmith had established himself as a comic piano sketch entertainer in provincial institutes grossmitn literary societies.

Interrupted by a loving thump at the door. And this Pooterish knowledge is excruciatingly painful to bear.

It turns out to be shabby and down-at-heel; furthermore, having liberally supplied fellow-guests—among them Mr Padge—with food and drink which he thinks is free, Pooter is presented at the end with a large bill that he can barely afford to pay. Open Preview See a Problem?

I’d grossmtih this for grossmifh while and thought it would make good paired reading with Three Men on a Boatas they’re both considered classics of British humor of about the same era.


His failed attempts at witticisms filled me with joy, for at least I found him funny, if no one else did. The book itself grossmiyh a divertissement, mocking the fashion of publishing personal diaries.

Peter Morton has noted that “the history of the early book editions of the Diary is tangled, due to the unwillingness of the publisher to distinguish between an edition and an impression”. It was georhe great favourite of his parents— Arthur Waugh used to read passages aloud to his family, [28] and Evelyn’s biographer Selena Hastings has drawn attention to the distinctly Pooterish elements in the Waugh household.

The Diary of a Nobody by George Grossmith and Weedon Grossmith – Free Ebook

Much easier and more pleasant to read than something by Dickens, and leaves out the mundane descriptions with which most writers of the Victorian age felt compelled to saturate their writing.

The Diary of a Nobody is an English comic novel written by the brothers George and Weedon Grossmithwith illustrations by the latter. Everyone’s feelings get hurt over minor jokes and misunderstandings, but they end up getting over the hurt and remain friends.

This peculiar achievement is the diary of a Charles Pooter, a nobody to himself and others, who asserts his right to record events in spite of it. I realised that would probably be a mistake. Tony Joseph calls the Diary “a sharp analysis of social insecurity”.

A book filled with unimportant characters, not about anything in particular, in which nothing much happens.

Lupin persuades his father, and Gowing and Cummings, to invest small sums in Parachikka Chlorates, the source of his gains. The Diary of a Nobody by George Grossmith. That is not new, and our technology simply makes it easier to reach outside our own community.

If you are going to read it, I recommend an edition with the original illustrations. If you’re not smiling or groaning at those then your smile to page ratio is groswmith to be low.