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Dumb Cane (Dieffenbachia picta) plant care tips for maintaining flourishing Dumb Cane houseplants. Order DUMB CANE PLANT Dieffenbachia picta from Blooming House – Cherokee, IA Florist & Flower Shop. Vet Hum Toxicol. Oct;45(5) Accidental fatal poisoning of a dog by Dieffenbachia picta (dumb cane). Loretti AP(1), da Silva Ilha MR, Ribeiro RE.

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In rare cases, edema of tissues exposed to the plant has been reported.

Accidental fatal poisoning of a dog by Dieffenbachia picta (dumb cane).

Give actively growing Dieffenbachia seguine a liquid fertiliser about every two weeks. In most cases, symptoms are mild, and can be successfully treated with analgesic agents, [14] antihistamines, [15] or medical charcoal. A single case of accidental fatal poisoning by Dieffenbachia picta, dumb cane Araceae in a 9-y-old female Poodle is described. As lower leaves fall off, the cane-like stem becomes noticeable.

It has showy white flowers. As Dieffenbachia seguine dieffenbxchia from the tropical rain forestit prefers to have moisture at its roots, as it grows all the time, it needs constant water, but with loose dievfenbachia aerated soils.

Limp stems and discoloured foliage are probably due to overwatering and or low temperatures. World Checklist and Bibliography of Araceae and Acoraceae: Its English names, dumb cane and mother-in-law’s tongue also used for Sansevieria species refer to the poisoning effect of raphideswhich can cause temporary inability to speak.


When chewed, the juice from the leaves causes a painful edema of the oral mucous membrane, buccal ulcerations and tongue hypertrophy – severe enough to possibly cause glottis obstruction, respiratory compromise dieffenbacia death. Views Read Edit View history. Dieffenbachia is a perennial herbaceous plant with straight stem, simple and alternate leaves containing white spots and flecks, making it attractive as indoor foliage.

The cells of the Dieffenbachia plant contain needle-shaped calcium oxalate crystals called raphides. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.

Dieffenbachia seguine has oval leaves 25cm 10 inch long and 10cm 4 inch dieffenbaciha on 10cm 4 inch long stalks. Retrieved 17 January This Araceae -related article is a stub. Distribution – The most common cultivated Dieffenbachia species of the Philippines. Use an adequate pesticide to eradicate the pests.

Accidental fatal poisoning of a dog by Dieffenbachia picta (dumb cane).

Most require water about twice a week. Gastric evacuation or lavage is “seldom” diefvenbachia indicated. Retrieved from ” https: Dumbcane Scientific classification Kingdom: They are interestingly marked in green, yellow and white. Mastication and ingestion generally result in only mild symptoms. The plant should be grown in fast draining very loose and well aerated soil that can be kept damp but not soggy.


Journal of Pediatric Surgery. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Dieffenbachoa plant prefers bright to medium light and high humidity due to its normal habit of growing in tropical rain forests. They also need moderately moist soil, which should be regularly fertilized with a proprietary houseplant fertilizer.

Dieffenbachia maculata Dieffenbachia picta. Histopathological exam of the liver showed distortion, congestion, and focal necrosis of the liver and renal tubules. Remember that Dieffenbachia seguine is a tropical rain forest plant and needs moisture at its roots.

Plants & Flowers ยป Dieffenbachia picta

Mature plants may produce white or cream-coloured typical arum flower heads, but these are of little interest compared with the foliage. The commercial rodenticide Raccumin took earlier effect compared to dumb cane stem extract. This houseplant prefers to be within pita.

The diagnosis of Dieffenbachia picta poisoning was based on the history of accidental consumption of dumb cane and clinical signs.