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Doppler Gear TechBit: DIN Spline Decoder *Calculations, procedures, processes, and data contained herein are to be used only with the judgment of a . This Spline Design Data is based on ISO the signs for the number of teeth and addendum modification factors of internal gear splines as defined in DIN. March DIN Splined connections with involute splines DIN 1 Table 3: Basic rack profile Parameters Symbol Spline data.

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The statistical actual tolerance limit permits a certain number of measurements to exceed the tolerance limits by a specific value. In the example above, a bearing with nominal bore size mm will slide above the spline to its journal dia located behind the spline.

This makes it possible to adapt the gears to standardized ball and roller bearing diameters and to reduce the number of different tools required for manufacturing.

Even numbers of teeth have been given preference in tables 1 and 2. He must have the specs at work.

GWJ eAssistant: Involute splines according to DIN , DIN , ISO , ANSI BM, ANSI B

In practice, measuring balls or measuring pins are used as measuring circles. Splune necessary, the data for the statistical actual tolerance limit STA are entered at the bottom of the data field of the fitted splined connection.

The numbers of teeth are selected in such a way that the addendum modification necessitated by the reference diameter is kept within the range x1? As and TG in series a11 see 7.


Basically I’m repeating your origional thread to yourself in the hope you have the answer RE: The spline specification looks like this: In connections centred on any reference diameter, this condition is met by making the reference diameter equal to the bore of the bearing and then modifying the profiles of the teeth of the hub and the shaft accordingly.

The tooth thickness is considered as well, so that the tooth form could then be used for manufacturing e.

Figure 1 shows an externally-centred shaft with splines. For space widths of hubs and tooth thicknesses of shafts, this standard provides deviation series and tolerances based on the nominal dimensions, see figure 7. I highly recommend it if you work with metric splines.

Din Male Spline Dimensions? – Gear & Pulley engineering – Eng-Tips

I’m in the same boat for exactly the same spline detail but don’t have the time to obtain and digest the spec. Input of data for determination of allowances. Refer to table 5 for recommended tolerance fields of the root circle and tip circle diameters. After the calculation is finished, a calculation report can be generated.

The increased use of spline connections with involute tooth flanks has brought us to purchase a wide variety of hobbing and tools and this is in accordance with the various standardization systems.


Click Here to join Eng-Tips and talk with other members! The selection of nominal dimensions is essentially determined by the following condition: DIN now contains the nominal dimensions and inspection dimensions for the range of items stated above.

It icludes charts with all dimensions you need. Dqta object of the revision was to combine the individual parts of this standard in a practical, useful and sensible manner. It’s easy to join and it’s free.

This avoids excessive reject rates, which would not occur if fewer measurements were to be taken. This is necessary because the fit is created for all left and right flanks of all teeth.

Internal and external spline teeth

External diameter centring 7. Nominal dimensions and inspection dimensions Part I would wait for gearguru and let him find the info for you. Refer to clause 10 for the relationship between space width tolerance and tooth thickness tolerance, measurement methods, spline mesh quality and backlash.

If very many measurements are taken in different angular positions and measuring planes, it may be useful to apply statistical concepts when evaluating the actual tolerance limit. Dimensioning functions for the operation nominal torque, the maximum load peak torque and the supporting length help the user.