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Distracted. Lisa Loomer. Author bio(s). ISBN: Full Length Everyone is distracted, even the actors—they’re breaking character! A hilarious. Distracted, the new socially conscious dramedy from Lisa Loomer now receiving its world premiere at the Mark Taper Forum, is largely about. In a narrow sense, Lisa Loomer’s “Distracted” is about a married It was as if he had stepped out of Loomer’s script, a living illustration of her.

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Jesse’s babysitter, the fourteen-year-old Natalie Emma Huntonfor example, cuts herself so that she can “feel something. A psychiatrist prescribes Ritalin for Jesse, but surely a pill can’t solve all of his problems. And the play does a good job of showing how a parent lloomer easily be overwhelmed with the information coming at them from all angles.

But she loses control of this a bit in Act II, where she seems to lose some trust in her story and lets some preachiness creep in. The second reviewer said that it tries to appeal to a younger audience.

And thats just one example. Medication is seen as a dixtracted and a cause for more problems, such as when Jesse in Act Two is described as “rather like a zombie” or when he says “It makes me feel like I’ve got bugs inside! Thanks for telling looomer about the problem. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.

Distracted – Lisa Loomer – Google Books

Karen rated it really liked it Jul 16, The questions that Loomer raises in Distracted are difficult ones, and there are no easy answers. This guy needs to speak for himself. The audience entered to a wall of television monitors—channels surfing at random—showing news, sports, popular programs, and so on that were growing progressively louder and faster.


Maureen Morley rated it it was amazing May scripf, Get Today’s Headlines in your inbox:.

Everyone else gets a moment to be taken seriously, but she remains the laughing stock throughout the entire play and her depiction was actually somewhat offensive to me. Dramatists Play Distraacted, Inc.

My main complained is that I think the Dad character really got off easy, a little un Essentially a play about the complexity of raising a child with ADHD.

The interactive set allowed the characters to move quickly and effectively through the space, shifting from the wall of televisions to the simplicity of a suburban kitchen by moving a few panels. At school, Jesse is also constant disruption, and his teacher Stephanie Berry, in nicely distinguished multiple roleswho has 27 other students to consider, has had enough. Like Living Outwhich explored race, class, and nannies in liberal America, Distracted is a clever sociopolitical satire that plays out against the background of the middle-class, left-leaning family.

Rehearsals will not start until summer. Sep 04, Sarah rated it liked it. Contact Contact Us Help. Tony Winners Manuscripts Special Collections.

Mama asks if having to take drugs makes kids depressed, and Dad even goes so far as to say he’ll divorce Mama if she continues to keep Jesse on drugs. Foglia presented Brechtian fourth-wall-breaking side by side with television [End Page distracfed style naturalism.

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Built on the Johns Hopkins University Campus. Have these points been made before? Misses the point entirely by not having smartphones play a role – should be updated for if anyone wants to put on a production, though I don’t know why you would.


This is despite Dr. Dramatist’s Play Service Publication Date: He can’t sit sceipt, he curses, he raps, and you can’t get him into—or out of—pajamas. User Review disgracted Flag as inappropriate A very underated play. His parents are worried about him because he’s struggling with a lot of things and its affecting his ability to learn and socialize. Ross rated it it was amazing Oct 05, Be the first to ask a question about Distracted distdacted Acting Edition.

This is reenforced by the tragedy that is Natalie.

Distracted – Acting Edition

Essentially a play about the complexity of raising a child with ADHD. Jul 05, Kelsey rated it it was ok. No one with any sort of mental disorder 1 in 4 or more American adults will enjoy this play. The ending of the play kind of just “happens” not a lot gets resolved but ends on a little hopeful note. Aug 31, Matt Chan rated it liked it. The play feels overstuffed, as if Loomer herself fell victim to the perils of multitasking or took the notion of content dictating form a bit too literally.

And his parents’ marriage is in peril. She consults a psychologist, a homeopath, a neuropsychologist, and an environmental physician. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Loomer does that in a fresh, arresting, and persuasive fashion. I am cast in this play as Pisa.