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Dixell technology is leading the way in electronic regulation and control in the fields of refrigeration, air conditioning and heating, and retail. Dedication to. Dixell. Installing and Operating Instructions rel /02/ – cod. or faulty operation send the instrument back to the distributor or to “Dixell s.r.l.” (see. Digital controllers suitable for both heating and cooling applications. • Built in RS for connection to Dixell’s monitoring system. • Temperature control can be .

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Dixell XR100C in USA

This parameter is not in controllers with PTC probe input Configures Relay 1 to fail safe open or closed in the event of a probe fault. Pr2 0 dPO First Defrost after start up Tells the controller whether to do an immediate defrost when the power is switched on or to wait for the normal interval time as set in parameter IdF.

Sets the low temperature alarm level. This is even more important when extending probe cables. PTC input for temperature, mA input for pressure Sets the band width above set point within which the controller will switch the stages on and off.

CONTROLLORE DIXELL XRCC0 – – Ersatzteil-Handelcom

To use them you must press either the left or right hand side of the button as appropriate. Sets the maximum temperature sensed by the evaporator probe above which the controller stops evaporator fans from running Enables the controller to be re-calibrated or off-set from the probe temperature reading.

Setting time to 0 to disables this function If a probe fault is detected the display will flash P1 and the controller will automatically cycle the compressor on and off. They can be used to control multiple stages, compressors, condenser fans, heaters or pumps. If power spikes are likely to occur, fit a Varsities Part no. When ever practical, replacement of the sensors is always recommended as good practice. Panel mounted controllers have a frontal protection rating of IP Dixell parametric controllers, fan speed controllers and inverters, compressor controls, EEV drivers, sensors and monitoring systems are trusted around the world.


The start time for each defrost is stored in non volatile memory, so these will not have been lost. If set for hot gas, the compressor is kept running during defrost Sets the evaporator temperature at which the controller will terminate the defrost. Configures the controller to inverse or direct action.

Sets the display to read out in Celsius or Fahrenheit Sets the controller for heating or cooling applications. Pr2 0 Pr2 15 mins. Generally, these ‘safeguards’ are very inexpensive and may in some situations be looked upon as standard procedure where there is any doubt about the quality of the electrical supply or the effect of associated electrical equipment.

Sets the time delay between the power to the controller being turned on and any output relay starting to operate. This gives a display resolution of either 1 degree or 0. Sets the time delay between a temperature or pressure alarm condition being sensed and the alarm being signaled during normal operation. How We Use Cookies: Configures output Relay 1 to inverse or direct action. Access all Dixell manuals.

It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. Pr2 1 Pr2 0 Pr2 15 mins. Used to stagger defrosts between multiple controllers Sets the maximum duration time of the defrost Sets the evaporator temperature at which the controller will terminate the defrost.


As a result programming takes just a few minutes using the new ‘Quick Programming’ guide. Parameter Fnd fan delay xg100c becomes the delay between the start of the 1st and 2nd compressor.

The controller will then resume normal operation Sets the interval time between the start of successive defrosts.

These industrial and commercial products play an important role in ensuring human comfort and protecting food throughout the cold chain. Parameters in the Visible Menu can now be accessed directly.

Read only — for factory use. For more specific information on how we use cookies and to change your cookie preferences, see our Cookie Notice. Only for XRC with alarm relay: It has proved a great success, with thousands sold and fitted. DIXL Almost all electrical supplies are influenced by the running of other electrical equipment and will carry some ‘noise’ or transients.

98473 – Digital Thermometer XR100C 230V

If the existing sensors are incompatible or possibly faulty, they can be replaced by the two new PTC sensors which come supplied with the Universal-R. The Display The Buttons The controller is fitted with a display, which normally shows the current temperature. Dedication to technological innovation and constant focus on efficiency have driven the development of solutions designed to maximize energy savings.