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[Fuji Xerox] download > DocuScan series > DocuScan C ANew high-speed colour network scanners from Fuji Xerox add a new level of functionality to your workplace. Call us to find out more. View and Download Fuji Xerox DocuScan C user manual online. Fuji Xerox Document scanner User guide. DocuScan C Scanner pdf manual.

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We welcome any comments on ambiguities, errors, omissions, or missing pages. Never attempt any procedure on the machine that is not specifically described in this manual. Unauthorized operation can cause faults or accidents.

Fuji Xerox DocuScan C4250

Fuji Xerox is not docucsan for any problems resulting from unauthorized operation of the equipment. Conventions The illustrations and scanner interface docusan are based on a DocuScan C connected with a color printer. Scan Resolution Specifying the Scan Resolution Information included only in the Setup and Quick Reference Guide. Illegal Copies and Printouts Copying or printing certain documents may be illegal in your country.

Penalties of fines or imprisonment may be imposed on those found guilty. The following are examples of items that may be illegal to copy or print in your country. Power cord connector Connects a power cord to the scanner.

Ethernet interface con- Connects a network cable to the scanner. Adjusted to keep documents aligned.

Document feeder tray Load documents here. Document output tray Holds scanned documents. Documents indicator lamp Lights when documents are loaded correctly.

DocuScan C only Extension guide Extended when scanning long documents. DocuScan C A only 1.

Name Function Touch panel display Displays the messages and feature buttons required to operate the scanner. Touch the display surface to access and control the features.

Fuji Xerox DocuScan C4250 User Manual

Pressing this button takes you first to the following screen. Entering Characters To enter characters, use the numeric keypad on the control panel. You can enter alphanumeric characters and symbols. Using the Numeric Keypad The following characters can be entered by pressing the corresponding buttons on the numeric keypad. docusccan

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Locate the button labelled with the character you want to enter, and press the button repeatedly until the character appears on the touch panel. Confirming an Entry If you press a number button to enter a character, and press another button to enter next character, the entry of the first character will be confirmed and the second character will display on the touch panel.

Press the following buttons in the order and number of times as below: When the scanner is switched on, the default screen appears on the touch panel. As delivered, the scanner automatically switches to the Power Saver mode 10 minutes after the last operation. Loading Documents Two choices of document input areas are available: Use the document feeder when scanning or copying multiple-sheet documents simultaneously.

Document Feeder The following types of documents may get jammed or damaged if loaded into the document feeder. Make sure to scan them from the document glass. Carbon Pre-punched Folded, Cut and Lightweight Curled paper paper creased or paste originals originals torn originals originals The light may cause eye irritation or fatigue. When scanning more than 50 sheets, load 50 sheets or less at a time.


Scan Scanning Procedure This section outlines the procedure of scanning a document dofuscan creating its electronic data. For details, refer to the description provided for each operation. Step 1 Get ready to scan Get ready to STEP scan Before using the scan features, ensure that the following items are available or have been performed: Scan Type Items to Get Ready Data is always saved right under the root directory of the USB flash memory.

Preview Next Page Shows the preview of the next page. Stop Stops the scan job. When the docusscan of the first document Press Start to scan. The recipient will receive the data as an e-mail attachment. Scan to PC Saves the scanned data on a specified computer. A message appears confirming the cancellation of the job. Cancel Job F4250 message appears informing you docuacan the cancellation is complete.

Do you want to cancel the job? Scan Feature Setting Items The scan features offer the following setting items: This corresponds to ” Step 3 Select the scan docjscan P. Select the scan STEP type Setting the Sender’s E-mail Address Set the e-mail address of the sender.

When selected from Address Book, the name set for [Recipient Name] will be set as the sender’s name. Using the Control Panel When entering the recipient’s address on the control panel, follow the guidelines below: Subject Set the subject of the e-mail you are docuscwn the scanned data to.

This setting is optional. When this is left blank, the default subject will rocuscan used. The default is “Scan Data from [xxx]” Reply to Set the return address of the e-mail you are attaching the scanned data to.

The return address can be selected from Address Book or entered using the numeric keypad. When selected from Address Book, the name set for [Recipient Name] will be set as the name of the return address.

On the [Details] screen, select [File Name], and select [Change]. On the [Select from List] screen, select the desired comment. Please find attached the schedule for your bu Please docuuscan the attached data and contact u Select [Save].

Save In Set the name of the folder in which to save the scanned data. Password Set the password for the user set in [User Name]. This setting is mandatory. Enter the password within 32 characters or symbols. Select [ ] on the right side of the [Save In] screen to display the [Password] entry box.

This corresponds to ” Step 2 Load a document and insert media P. Loading the Docuscaj and Inserting the Media Load the document to be scanned. Setting the Basic Scan Features This section explains how to set the basic scan features. This corresponds to ” Step 4 Set the scan features Docusca. Grayscale Select this when scanning originals with different shades of black and white.


Saves the scanned data in PDF format. Acrobat Reader can be installed from the “Software Pack” Head-Top Select this when placing the original on the document glass or into the document feeder with its top towards the back of the scanner. Photograph Select this for scanning photos printed on photographic paper.

The content of the screen, however, is the same even when [Scan to PC] or [Scan to Media] is selected. The preset options displayed on the screen can be changed. Variable Size Select this when the original is non-standard size, or when scanning in a size different from its Scan Size Cancel D4250 actual size.

Higher resolution yields better image quality but increases the size of data. As data size increases, the time required for scanning or transferring data also increases. Selecting doocuscan Resolution] displays the [Scan Resolution] screen. This feature allows you to scan documents of different sizes simultaneously and scans them on paper appropriate for each document. Original Orientation Specifying the Orientation of the Original The Original Orientation feature allows you to specify the orientation of the original to identify which side is the top.

Selecting docuacan Orientation] displays the [Original Socuscan screen. Sharpness Adjusting the Sharpness of the Output The Sharpness feature allows you to adjust the sharpness of the output. The closer the level is to [Sharper], the sharper the contour of the image. Auto Exposure Removing the Background of the Original The Auto Exposure feature allows you to remove unwanted marks on the original’s background when scanning with [Output Color] set to [Black].

A newspaper is one example of this type of original. Also when scanned with [Output Color] set to [Full Color], a white background sometimes appears in a faint color depending on c42550 type of paper used and how old the paper is. Contrast Adjusting the Contrast of the Output The Contrast feature allows you to adjust the contrast of the output.

The closer the level is to [Higher], the higher the c450 of contrast The bright area is made more brighter while the dark area is made more darker. The closer the level is to [Lower], the rocuscan the degree of contrast. Copy Copying Procedure By connecting the scanner to a printer using the USB cable, you can scan documents on the scanner and output their copies from the printer. This section outlines the basic copying procedure. Follow the instructions in the message to remedy the problem.