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He explained to me that Merkaba (one word) was a Zulu word meaning a space/ time/dimension vehicle. He told me that according to Zulu legend his entire tribe. MERKABA MEDITATION ACCORDING DRUNVALO MELCHIZEDEK written by Drunvalo Melchizedek Posted Mon, Dec GMT The Teaching. Mer Ka Ba Meditation. CD [Drunvalo Melchizedek] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. IN THE GERMAN LANGUAGE. FULL title is.

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Remember, unconditional love for all life must be felt through out all of this meditation or no results will be realized. Open your heart and feel love for all life.

About half way through this inhale, as the sphere continues to brighter, the prana sphere reaches critical mass. Make this place holy. It changes the balance of pranic energy within your body from third dimensional to fourth dimensional awareness.

Move your eyes slightly toward each other, or, in other words, slightly cross your eyes.

Thus begin a process in consciousness that will eventually translate us from the third-dimensional world into the next higher one through what is being called ”ascension. By the time of the full exhale, the prana sphere will be approximately eight or nine inches in diameter.

The first six are for balancing of the polarities within your eight electical circuits, and, also, for the cleansing of these circuits. If they cannot do that, then at least lead them through with the photographs.

Once each day, enter into this meditationuntil the time comes when you are a conscious breather, remembering with each breath your intimate connection with God. In a flash, and with a pulse like energy, send that triangular plane down melcnizedek the female tetrahedron. When we say rotate the whole star drunval, we mean the whole thing.


Drunvalo Melchizedek – Teachings and Books

So, to close, I will say again: Meaning that for every complete rotation of the mind tetrahedrons, there will be a complete rotation of the emotional tetrahedrons. When the air is entirely exhaled, relax the chest and abdomen. This very special breath will not be taught here. Become aware of the male tetrahedron the apex facing up to the sun, the point facing to the front for male, the point mlechizedek the back for females filled with the brilliant white light surrounding your body.

This disc can easily be perceived by scientific drunvaloo, and if the United States Airforce is correct it can be put up on their computer screens via satellite.

A small altar with a me,chizedek and a cushion or pillow to sit upon may be helpful. It changes the balance of pranic energy within your body from third dimensional to fourth dimensional awareness.

You do not need to visualize the star tetrahedron at this time. If you are not ready, you could hurt yourself. In drunvlo teaching however, we will only be shown what is necessarythat which will take you from third to fourth dimensional awareness. Vol 2, No me,chizedek. At the end of the thirteenth breath you have stabilized the large medkaba and are ready for the important 14th breath.

It will be a continuous flow that will not stop for a long as you breath in this manner, even after death. Now bring them up to the top of their sockets, or in other words, look up.


Same as breath 16, make a small hole in your lips, and blow out with pressure.

Flower of Life and Merkaba – Drunvalo Melchizedek

The eyes look down from their up position at the same time the mind sees the triangular horizontal plane of the female tetrahedron move down to the apex of the female tetrahedron. You are now melchizwdek for the next step.

It gets smaller as it goes down and pushes out the tip or apex of the tetrahedron all the negative energy of the mudra or electrical circuit, a light will shoot out of the apex toward the centre of the Earth.

In an instant, they will be moving at exactly one third the speed of light at their outer tips. The moment the two beams of prana meet, which is just as the inhale begins, a sphere of white light drnvalo prana is formed at the meeting point about the size of a grapefruit centred on the tube.

Rhythmic breath and deep. In the Bible there is reference to Ezekiel and the wheels by which Ezekiel ascended into heaven.

Make a small hole with your lips just like you did for breath Number Ten. A little practice will render this part of the exercise easy, and the movement once acquired will be afterward perfonned almost automatically.