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And to the DSI crew: Bob Coover, Carson Day, Chris Hector, Tony Karavidas, . In particular, check out the Global Settings section of the manual. Read. Weight, 1 lbs. Dimensions, 10 x 6 x 1 in. Related Products. Poly Evolver Keyboard PE Knob Kit. $ Add to cart. Poly Evolver Keyboard Knob Kit. $ DSI has released a new operating system for Tempest. It adds The new features are covered in the Tempest Manual Addendum, which is.

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Unfortunately we are unable to reproduce this and believe it may have been fixed by fixing bug See the DSI forum for details. He still has customers and he made promises to them.

16 levels | Dave Smith Instruments TEMPEST User Manual | Page 19 / 90

Did you see all the videos above? In the preceding video with the Electron and the Tempest working together I am pretty sure that most if not all the interesting and really cool sound came from Tempest with the Electron acting as a backup doing what an could maunal for the most part and the fact that they could play together at all is due in a big way to Dave Smith.

Now the Destination Folder in Save screens always defaults to the last folder dei that type sound, beat or project that was last saved to or loaded from. Tfmpest to be able to increase the memory from the ridiculous 4MB available… or to improve the sound somehow? The tempest had sooo much potential, and had soo many die-hard MPC and Linn fans expecting something very different than what was delivered.

Or… They should have paid the first batch of owners for beta testing and doing their work for them. You would te,pest your life for example that you can distinguish an analog sound from a sampled one? Pretty simple thing but turning into cacophony with the Tempest….


The list of bugs is sooo long and that is still not all the problems we experience from the begining. They are both great in their own way. The tempest is a bit different.

DSI is not doing us any favors by fixing the bugs. The only reason this ever got finished is because Roger had has name on it and refused to let the ship sink with his imprint. However, this parameter was never implemented.

Now as for the bug fixes,…. It may be that such tejpest were created with beta versions that may contain undiscovered bugs. There are still issues with loading older projects: There still exist some cases in which changing the Sound Folder changes the Sound Type. How can you make this today when technology is so advanced? Note that this problem does not occur for internal sounds or for beat transitions within a playlist.

Pitch Bend not working for the digital oscillators… Description: Others had, have and will have great use for it. The Tempest is god due to the fact that they were the inventors of it I think however. That buglist reads like a mid term development report ffs. Fixed for Note Roll but not yet for Beat Roll. Keep comments on topic and constructive. There is an advanced bug that causes the pad names manyal randomly change when auditioning sounds; it happens most predictably when you have auditioned a sound from one pad and then try to audition a sound from another pad.

Tempest does this by stealing the playing voice with the lowest VCA level, but this can result in recorded ADSR sounds with mnaual durations being dsk before their recorded duration ends. How many possibilities there are to make music. No, you have missed my point. All this is just my gempest on all the whining that goes on in between asking nicely to fix bugs that are significant to most of the users, not just one or two who have done things with their machines that most will never do.


Page 27 of that same 1. DSI could have cared less. This thing kicks ass. Just one of the examples, example the Tempest. di

New Tempest Drum Machine OS Addresses Bugs & User Requests

The problem was that sometimes ADSR sounds in Beats would terminate before their full duration expired, or a performed ADSR sound would terminate before you released the pad. I know next to nothing about Elektron accept it is a Swedish Company, but it seems top me that their releases were either plain simplistic in function or they had bugs also. These problems were caused by Tempest needing to instantly recompute playlist data while playing. Ddsi dont have the 2k for one anywaaays. Not a lot compared to many electronic manufacturers.

How you will feel if you buy an expensive car and then spend more time fixing it than driving it. When playing back a recorded sound which has pad pressure assigned as a mod source, the sound is modulated by velocity instead. That is a loooong list of bugs.