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Duhovna lira: duhovne pesme kod Srba by Jelisaveta Arsenijević · Duhovna lira : duhovne pesme kod Srba. by Jelisaveta Arsenijević; Slađana Borota; Nikolaj. Duhovna lira: duhovne pesme kod Srba. Responsibility: Srbske duhovne pesme po zalisima Vladike Nikolaja i drugih nepozatih autora. Sound: digital; optical. Pravoslavna duhovna lira (, p. ). Velimirović (, pp. XV/31). Velimirović (, pp. XI/). Čalić (, p. 36). Florovski (, p. 37). „Nije sretan.

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The committee is planning a workshop to be held in Jackson this October, and another in Lansing, IL in the Spring of Nicholai of Ochrid and Zica Oratorical Festival presented their talks to an attentive and appreciative audience.

Mutual singing in the church was the most important part of their activities.


Zivojin prepared a slideshow from the pilgrimage and gave a very moving presentation. Stevo Rocknage mentioned that the most exciting part of lirs ministry has been in the in the realization of the first ever Youth Conference, which was occurring at that very same time at the St.

Moreover, the plenary sessions that discussed the administrative work of the church were done in an orderly and prompt fashion thanks in large part to the reports the clergy and delegates received upon registering. If among dihovna many goals of the duhovan Church Assembly, or Sabor as it is referred to in Serbian, is to bring together the hierarchs and clergy of the Church with the president and elected delegate from each congregation, plus members of the Diocesan and Central Church Councils, duhivna of monastic communities and representatives of Diocesan Circles of Serbian Sisters, then this most recent assembly of the church was monumentally historic in that it included in its list of participants the members of the future of our church — our youth.

Nedeljko Grgurevich, and appointed priest Fr. If so, it sounds like a great project! Brian Gerich, Chairperson for the Committee for Christian Stewardship, spoke of the work completed by this committee, especially in their efforts to educate our communities about the Christian act of stewardship through the Stewardship Handbooks given to parishes nationwide in which different aspects of stewardship are covered.

Following the lunch break the Assembly continued its work with fuhovna second plenary session in which the chairpersons of the Central Church Standing Committees presented reports on their committee activities for the past three years. After dinner the clergy graduates of St. Vasilije Tomic, and appointed priest Fr. Each of dyhovna guest hierarchs in greeting the Assembly Banquet recalled the warm relations and important ties which bind us together as Orthodox Christians, and challenged all to closer relations and cooperation between American Orthodox of various backgrounds.


While we may suffer in this world because we are in the world but not of it, we trust in the victory which is already won in Christ, and which will become fully manifest only at the Second Coming of Christ. The proposed changes, touching mostly on the method of appointing parish clergy and definitions of church membership, gave rise to an extended discussion of the structure of the Orthodox Church, how that structure reflects our faith and practice, and how that needs to be incarnated in every aspect of church life.

Some of the proposed changes resulted from the work of the Joint Legislative Committee, while others were proposed by the Central Church Council.

Kinda like the baptist folk have? Assisting the bishop at the holy altar were V.

Resanovic: Serbian Spiritual Hymns and Songs

He explained that we should honor our ethnic distinctiveness, which is the context in which we live out our faith. Any reproduction of content from this site must be quoted in its entirety with the source cited. Dominika on December 07, Steve Tumbas about the Church and family. Rastko Trbuhovich; for the Western Diocese: His Eminence also reminded those present that one of our duties as Orthodox Christians is to break down all barriers which disrupt or disturb the life and work of Christ’s Church.

He then took the opportunity to give the Assembly participants a brief synopsis of their experiences over the past few days at St. He also reported on the website www. Rodney spoke about his parish radio program duhoovna locally and on the internet, as well as the regular puiblication of parish news each week in local newspapers.

On these occasions pious people sung church songs, mostly troparia or liturgical songs, as well as sacred songs — hymns. Nikola Ceko; and for the Canadian Duhivna In the workshop of the Youth Ministry, Committee member Chris Radanovic gave a bullet point presentation of how to create a local parish youth group. Most of the Assembly participants, plus other guests, were present for the social highlight of the Assembly.


One group of pious people, peasants in Vojvodina, mostly Srem and Banat, organized in the last years of the 19th and the beginning duhovna lira the 20th centuries, was among them. Much material is available on the Serbian Church web site for download. Attendance at the morning service was excellent, with a number of participants receiving the Holy Eucharist.

Instead of dismissing the youth after the presentation Metropolitan Christopher invited them to stay as the Assembly finished its work. These lkra are different than church ones: Zivojin Jakovljevic, Chairperson for the Committee of the Serbian Language, Culture and Heritage, stated that the aim of this committee has been to promote the learning of the Serbian language, culture and history, which is understood to be essential for a deeper understanding of Serbian Orthodox life and faith.

Members were aware of its’ influence and did all their best to learn church and spiritual songs, take part in musical section of the service, especially the Divine office and improve their musical knowledge. Please login or register. Duhovna lira is made lora bronze.

Timon on December 07, According to the description by one priest from”for about one year during the winter, on Sunday afternoons, these man and women regularly gather at our school. The Assembly finally reconvened in the main hall for the final plenary session.

Zivko Kajevic and Hieromonk Fr. In his report on behalf of the Dhovna Committee, Chairperson V. Also published by this committee was the Duhovna Liar While going to visit monasteries they formed processions with the school boy wearing special close and holding cross in his hands at the head, and other members followed him and sang hymns during ceremonial proceeding.

His Eminence Metropolitan Christopher asked honored guest hierarch Metropolitan Isaiah to bestow the blessing following the service. Home Back Duhovnw Top.