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The Salutation of Red Sulphur/Durud Kibrit Ahmar This blessed salutation is well known in the Qadri tariqa. (Durood Kibrit Ahmar link posted in comments). Mar 14, i had a dream where the Prophet pbuh is about to make salaah, and they ask me to pray next to them, and i look at them with a smile and say to. Apr 17, Durood Kibrit Ahmar. Durood Kibrit Ahmar ยท DAROOD-i-KIBIYAT AHMER SHARIF-English Translation. Dalasil-ul Khairat with Darood Shariffs.

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Durood Kibrit Ahmar – Durood of the Red Sulfur

O Allah, make his offspring and his followers true adherent to his wont which may provide satisfaction to him. Then it moved and walked to kibdit in cups.

Also fulfil his desire in the world and the Hereafter as you have done in case of Ibrahim and Moses. I am Al Jilani, my name is Muhiyuddin, And my banners fly on mountain tops. Quite curiously he met the same old man several times on his journey and every time until the duurood man offered him the same awrad to recite.

O Allah, bestow on him the Lauded Station and. Send blessings and confer peace on Muhammad SAWS our master and dkrood his family, on his companions, on his progeny, on his grandsons, on his wives, on his children, on the pious people ahhmar his house, on his kins, on his father-in-law on his son-in-law, on his friends, on his followers, on his helpers who are the store-house of his secrets and mines of his light, and who are the treasure of Truth, who are the leaders of the people and are the stars of guidance for their followers.

Durood Kibrit Ahmar

O Allah, bestow unceasing benedictions on us, put up with our transgressions, keep us steadfast on his right path, and help us, and keep us in peace, make our matters easy by keeping our bodies and souls undisturbed.

You addressed him, conversed with him in Your presence. It has also a specific way of recitation that renders it very effective, but this way of recitation is not known to everyone.


To whom You did show dufood greatest signs. What recompense have You given to each prophet on behalf of his community, give the best reward to our patron on behalf of us and also give good return to all the Prophets.

He is the reality of everything and light of guidance. Such blessings be on him as it please Yourself and deserving for Your prophet and. Had I thrown my secret into the oceans, They would have at once dried up.

On whose advent You sealed apostleship, guidance, glad tidings, warning, and prophet hood and. O my Lord, accept his most effective right of intercession and elevate him more to august rank.

For whom You made heavy rain fall down in draught and famine by his invocation which made barren land, rocks, hilly places, dry fields, deserts, stones, clay hills fertile.

Unto me He revealed the Ancient Secrets. And become my Companion. So my Orders are effective under all circumstances. My drums have been beaten in the heavens and earth, And I have been given the rank of Good-Luck. I was forgetting there was an old man whom I met several times during my travel and every time he insisted that I should take from him something to recite when you know that I can only have it from you, my lord!

Durood Kibrit Ahmar – Durood Of The Red Sulfur by Attariyaa | Photobucket

And He made me a Filter over all the Polar-turnips. Such blessing which may fill the heavens kibdit earth. He has granted me the status through which I have attained high eminence. Shower blessings and peace on our master in number equal to the eyes that see and the ears that listen.

He is the court for the witnesses and subject of the witness. Darood Kibrit Ahmar Sharif is the elective powerful instrument for spiritual and material progress of the Chishti Order, also its power is beyond description. Bless our master Muhammad SAWS and his progeny who is the first primordial xurood and whose advent is mercy for the entire universe, equal in number to Your creation that has left and equal in number which has yet to come and as agmar as there were fortunate in them and as many as there were unfortunates in them.


This addition is made by Shaikh Abdul Haq.

Posted by shahishaharyar at 4: The power of the Qassidah Ghauthia is beyond description but its number of times of recitation and its way of recitation to be effective in all respect is a very well safeguarded secret.

O Allah, honour his authority and make his evidence prominent, and grant him his request in respect of the people of his house and his progeny. Sulfur is also an element used in alchemy to transform substances, thus we may say that red ahamr stresses the aspect of a permanent transformation which derives by the continuous recitation of this composition in praise of the Holy Prophet, SAWS. Be courageous and drink, you are my army. Had I thrown my secret over mountains, They would have become pulverized.


Such blessings by the grace of which You accept our supplications and purify our baser-self, bring to life our dead souls, solve our complex problems, banish all our trials and tribulations, by virtue of which Your grace and beneficence may permeate our affairs and affairs of all the Muslims. By Your grace, make our end without trouble in peace and safety. I said to all the Polar-turnips.

Come and enter my State. Gather us with your Beloved friend in Paradise without indulging us in severe torment in the condition that You are pleased with us and not angry with us. You bestowed on him the august and exalted position.

All your stations are high, But mine dirood higher ever. O my Lord, shower blessings on all his brother prophets and messengers, saints of his community, the righteous, the angels of access [and our patron Shaikh Mohyuddin Abdul Qadir Jilani who occupies nearest place in Divine Presence and is the guardian of divine mysteries. Award him precedence over all the favourites of Divine presence.