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KEEP THIS MANUAL. Store this manual in a safe place for future reference. MEMORY BACKUP. • To protect your programmed memory contents, the DW- This page contains information about the Owner’s Manual for the DW from Korg. View and Download Korg DW owner’s manual online. DW Synthesizer pdf manual download.

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Installation, initialization and support Do not remove the four rubber feet or the 4 smaller screws located to the left and right of the rear left rubber foot.

Fortunately these are all quite simple. MIDI parameters and operation pg. If the plastic plunger mqnual correctly installed it won f t come loose no matter how much the DW is shaken. Just remember to hold the two-halves together securely when turning the DW right side up.

Korg DW-8000 Owner’s Manual

Just don’t pound or hit with a hammer! Observe the pin closest to you on the right side. Start gently, until you are sure that all the pins are aligned and started into their sockets. Once the adhesive touches the DW it dd8000 not be possible to remove or adjust it.

Avoid wool and other static causing materials- Avoid carpeted areas. Turn it face-down propping it up so you don’t damage the joystickremove all the screws around the perimeter, and the five large screws in the centre section. Note that a tiny plunger is pressed fully.

About Us Contact Hackaday. It is in a socket instead of being directly connected to the board. Slowly press the board down into placea bit at a time, watching dw800 pins to make sure all are aligned and do not bend or get crushed. Pink goes to the side of R73 nearest to the CPU. Between this and the right edge you will see that there is one 1C chip that is different from the rest. Disconnecting certain vires can scramble the memory contents and fw8000 DW will require re-initialization.


You should follow this procedure any time TURBO has been accidentally disconnected while the power was on or if the display shows garbled or strange characters. Let it rest on the table on its rubber feet so that mqnual keyboard is facing towards you.

Korg DW, EX and DW DWGS Digital Waveform Generator System Manuals | House of Synth

It needs four connections to connect to our 4-way header in the synth. Disconnecting the set mxnual blue and white wires or pulling them away from contacts inside the plug will disconnect some keys on the keyboard. The relevant bit is on page It is safer to let the joystick hang over the edge of the table. Carefully lift open the synth.

Full text of “Korg DW Angel City Turbo Upgrade Manual”

Before opening the DW you should understand that the top half janual rather heavy and is connected to the bottom by several wires and bundles of wires. If you experience static electricity discharges in your home you will certainly need to take precautions. All of the following pertains only to the green component board in manal center.

You must hold these buttons down until the display changes to The synth is now ready, time to prepare the Nano. You should check this to make sure the clip is secure and will not wiggle free. This is a good thing to test. In many cases initialization will not be necessary and TURBO will be ready to use as soon as it is installed.

Try not to damage this chip or its pins. Re assemble the DW. We highly recommend that you do the installation yourself. This will erase all memory in the DW and replace it with a legal set of blank patches with all parameters set to their lowest values. I removed it with a combination of cutters, soldering iron and solder sucker.


The joystick is on the left now. Memory architecture, operation and interface pg, IV: At this point I decided it was a good time to replace the battery, before it leaked or died. Press the 5 and 8 buttons and hold them down while you turn the power switch on.

You may wish to wait until after you have amnual the power-up test before inserting the screws.

DW-8000/Owner’s Manaul

A flashlight is very handy here! The most common problem in Turbo installations are caused by accidentally tugging on these wires and straining connections. If the display does appear, then the TURBO board is correctly installed and you can go on to the initialization procedure. Better yet, use the saftey grounding straps available at Radio Shack, which only ground the small type of discharges associated with static electricity. Sounds will not normally be lost when install ing Turbo, but it could happen accidentally or if it becomes necessary to do the ” init ial izat i on ff procedure.

Note the wires and watch them as you proceeed so that you can see that they are not being strained. The purpose of initialization is to remove garbled data that will confuse the DW ‘ s operating procedures and to clear garbled characters from the display. It should look like this. Proceed slowly and very carefully.

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