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These scripts are provided free of charge for the benefit of DOORS users. You may copy, modify or distribute any of these scripts as you wish, but please leave. The purpose of this series is to take a relatively simple script and add on to it and make it robust, providing a great DXL tutorial in the process. If someone in your company has already written some scripts in DXL, use them as reference. I had no formal training, the manual and some scripts were the only .

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The retrieval is specified by the ‘. I believe you may omit this statement and the code will still work flawlessly, but I prefer to be safe when it comes to DXL. Salas28 February 15, Kevin, Thank u. I think I said pass by value when I meant pass by reference! The problem as always is spare time.

Finally, the last line of the program tutoriall an information box, like this: I shall do my best to document the reason for every single line of code. If any objects were accepted, we know we have incoming links. And filters can be recreated.

The purpose of this series is to take a relatively simple script and add on to it and make it robust, providing a great DXL tutorial in the process. However, I want to discuss what has already been done. We have two methods of accomplishing this.

You should know the difference between an int and a string. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. The next command in the loop tests to see if the retrieved value, a string, is exactly tutorixl to the string ‘Requirement’.


How to create a small program in DXL doors extensive language? DOORS is a database. The better way to accomplish this is to apply a filter. So I wrote a simple function to accomplish the task.

The last line of the program needs to be modified to include the extra information: It is failing every time it encounters the missing file view. Remember, the goal here is to document tytorial much as possible in an easy tutorial—so people can look at this example and see all the basics to lookout for in one place.

I think you are talking about editing a link xcripting to see details—does the analysis wizard view in a module not work for you? The script can be modified to have a variable contain the current filter, then be run, then set that filter back. Here are my questions: If you want to go down further, you could argue that objects also contain links, as links cannot exist without objects.

Getting Started with DXL

Thank you so much for your reply. If counting the requirements is something you want to do often, then it might be worth writing a small DXL program to do the job.

I am strugling with a some problem in dxl. And the last question: Finally we may output a report to Microsoft Excel. Failed to load index: It displays a dialog box with an OK button.

If the design of the database changes, for instance if the name of the ‘Object Type’ Attribute had to be updated, maintenance would be trickier than it ought to be. As you can see, it is quite normal for a few lines of DXL to require scri;ting page of explanation.

Kevin June 5, Sorry for the slow replies on the comments—my mailserver is not mailing me when I get a new one.

This tiny program first declares a variable m to be of type Scfipting, which as you have guessed means a DOORS Module, and sets it to be the current one. This is a unary if statement.


Thank you so much for this one!!! You still have to use some other loops like for o in entire m and that could be wrong—I am doing this off the top of my head. Glad you find all of this helpful! If you prefer, you can use an ack box and then give the halt command yourself: You need to use a regular expression, and there are limitations in the default implementation, but you should be able to get at least a few shalls.

Please note that I just made that if statement up. You should get tuttorial same errors when switching views. What the loop does is to take the first Object it comes to, and retrieve the value of its ‘Object Type’ Attribute. In other words, it is more like a sketch of the functional requirement than a complete implementation. This makes it different than many other languages.

Baselines, Inc. DXL Tutorial – Part I – Baselines, Inc.

Once you have a reputation of Apart from that, most of the syntax of DXL is just like C’s, but with some friendly simplifications. You should know the difference between a for loop and a while loop.

Look up how to read modules Module readiterate over all objects of a module for object in moduleaccess attributes Attribute value extraction. The next line ddl just a closing curly bracket, indicating the end of the for loop.

I did not mean that all objects in the module should have an incoming link; rather I meant all filtered objects should have at least one incoming link.