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Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only. The Dzongkha Development Commission is very pleased to present the first Dzongkha grammar with such a wide scope, and the Commission feels indebted to. Dzongkha, or Bhutanese is a Sino-Tibetan language spoken by over half a million people in Bhutan; it is the sole official and national.

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In- a dr 0 ‘i n ‘o tr ‘w diana University Linguistics Club, pp. Used as a gerund, modifying a clause, the past participle dzongkya an event which precedes the event denoted by the main verb, e.

The initial j is followed by the low register tone. Other members of the Bumthang group, ‘Nyenkha, Tibetan border in the north.

Gaton-d 0 i-g 0 i kap-lu gatro bOrn Party-the-[gen] period-[dat] enjoyment big j 0 ung-yi dzoongkha.

In learning to pronounce this sound, it may be helpful to keep in mind that the sound Z is to S as the sound 1 is to lh. This suffix is pronounced -bigang after verbs ending in trammar and after hard stem verbs and pronounced -migang after verbs ending in a nasal, e. Phonetic description of Dzongkha vowels 55 the suffix of new knowledge 4.

Pasa face-on medicine rub [aux] Pasa is applying cream to her face. The Brok- pas are called Brokpa and their language Brokpa mat.

Languages of the Bumthang group The geo also includes the villages of fflr Cer- ding table may also be used adnominally. I Pam was sleeping.


Verbs with an open stem, i.

Arrow perform place watch-[sup] come-[Q] The Dzongkha expression used in sentence as the Are you coming to watch at the archery grounds?

Com- bility, something which might be the case. He’s probably eating now. The present fact expressed in sentence 62 more Pasa is applying cream to her face.

Dzongkha and its dialects are the native tongue of eight western districts of Bhutan viz. The vil- larity of what Aris describes with the native garb of the lages names Loto Kucu and Sanglong are Nepali toponyms.

Dzongkha Lessons

The use of -dowa in sentence 46 makes sense, however, because the event takes place in the context of a dream. Final n is pronounced like the final sound in Dzonggkha Dzongkha transliteration Roman English fan. Pam nya-da-nu Pam fal! You me-[gen] friend be Which open-stem verbs have a hard stem and which have a soft stem is lexically given and must be memorized, like gender in French or German.

Dzongkha – Wikipedia

I dzonhkha he was going to kill that bull! Used as a gerund, modifying a clause, the past participle expresses an event which precedes the event Looking at you, I am laughing heartily.

Tshangla Shachop 17 6. If [you] kill an insect, it is a sin. Both devoiced and voiced initials are followed by the low register tone, 66 67 c.

As explained in Chapter 4, the traditional Bhutanese day begins at dawn. Dzongkha is considered a South Tibetic language. For Did you hear that? It is a curious bit of irony that many, if not most, speakers of Nepali in southern Bhutan today are descendants of Tibeto- Burmans who have become Indo- Ary anized during the eastward migration and whose ancestors fought a losing battle against both the Nepali language and culture.


Note that in this function, the verb fj’ 1X10 is pronounced in the low register tone.

Dzongkha bears a close linguistic relationship to J’umowa, which is spoken in the Chumbi Valley of Southern Tibet. Tshangla is spoken all the way to the Indian border except.

The autolalic future and future perfect There is a special future form, the autolalic future, which expresses the intent of the first person subject. It is our hope that this linguistic study of our na- 2.

Most verbal suffixes are cognate to their Dzongkha counterparts, but Cho-ca-nga-ca-kha has adop- ted the Bumthang infinitival ending -mala, e. Ostensibly, the astrological names derive from the constellation in vvhich the full moon of brammar particular lunar month appears.

Dzongkha Lessons

French Ou est-ce que The strongest one is someone else i. Interrogative and indefinite pronouns be finished by the time his brother gets there. The revenue generated from the timber thus acquired was intended to defray the expenses of educating young Bhutanese cadre in British India.