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The hengeyokai (also known as katanga in Malatra) were an incredibly varied species of shapechangers. “Ecology of the Hengeyokai”. In Steve Winter ed. Hengeyokai is a character race in 4th edition Dungeons & Dragons. 4th edition rules for hengeyokai first appeared in “The Ecology of the Hengeyokai” by Tim. Dungeons & Dragons Roleplaying Game Official Home Page – Article (Ecology of the Hengeyokai) Play as a furry? YEEEEAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!.

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Sunday, 24th September, For instance, a sparrow hengeyokai may have a pointed nose, and a rat hengeyokai may have beady eyes and long whiskers. The leader may be male or female.

For instance, a 1st level hengeyokai can change from human to animal or biped only once in a given day. In general, most hengeyokai were more agile than the average human.

When in human form, the hengeyokai looks like a normal human being. Hit points lost in one form are carried over hengfyokai for point when the creature changes form.

They were also quite long-lived—frequently living past the age of two hundred—though some seemed to mature slowly, not reaching adolescence until the eology of their first century. The movement rate for all bipedal hengeyokai is Genetics and Reproduction In animal form, hengeyokai can reproduce with hengeyokai or normal animals of the same species. After the eladrin emerged victorious, they went on an almost genocidal purge of all hengeyokai, causing the species to flee Faerie en masse. Hengeyokai of good alignment sometimes become protectors of human families or villages.


Hengeyokai appear, in all respects, quite similar to average animals of their species. They also gain infravision at a foot range and acquire the ability to speak hehgeyokai normal animals. Hengeyokai typically lived on the fringes of human civilization.

The Ecology of the Hengeyokai | Article | RPGGeek

Such higher-level creatures seldom belong to a hte, preferring to strike out on their own. The only true indication that a non-shapeshifted hengeyokai is anything but a normal animal is the occasional flicker of intelligence in their eyes and their cleverness far beyond that of any animal. In animal form, a hengeyokai has only half the total he has in human or bipedal form rounded up.

Hengeyokai are a race of intelligent shapechangers. Why’d they get the Dex bonus?


Hengeyokai grow to adolescence at about a year old, reaching adulthood at around ten. The animal form has disadvantages, too. In animal form, hengeyokai can reproduce with hengeyokai or normal animals of the same species.

I’d love to be published in Dragon someday myself, but I just don’t think this niche race adds anything to the game besides bloat. Each hengeyokai can assume only one animal form. In other words, if a hengeyokai normally has 23 points as a human, he has hengeyoka maximum of 12 in animal form.


Hengeyokai (Monstrous Manual)

Thankfully, their numbers seemed restricted entirely to the Malatran Plateau, though occasionally, a Mother of a Thousand Young emerged from the populace and birthed a mass of new spider katanga to threaten the other races living on it. IMHO, this is ecollogy option bloat. Unlike most other races, hengeyokai do not form clans.

They prefer to avoid prolonged contact with humans.

However, the human form always retains one or more distinctive features of the animal form. Despite their variety of appearances, each subrace had one feature in common—they had three forms: Luckily, Intimidate is a Charisma-based skill.

However, from time to time, the child survives, being born a sickly, malformed humanoid known only as a Mongrelfolk. When in animal form, the hengeyokai is indistinguishable from normal animals of its kind. The front appendages wings, paws, or fins change into hands, capable of gripping and using normal weapons. Hengeyokai strive to make their lives as simple as possible.