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Type, Diameter, Height, Pump Capacity, Max Pond Size, Valve Size. cms, cms, litres/hr (gph), Litres (gallons), inches. EB, 40, 68, (), () . The Econo Bead filters have a strong quality polypropylene vessel and are standard equipped with: Features Of The EconoBead A bottom drain to remove. Our assortment of nutritious food and tasty treats is made with high quality ingredients and care, helping your pets be at their best. After all, healthy is happy.

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Micro K1 Bead Filter. EconoBead and UltraBead filters are constructed from high quality fibreglass conforming to drinking water standards so they are completely safe for your fish. EconoBead 50 galls 40kg Beads. Features Of The EconoBead This will purge the large solids that have made it into the EconoBead filter and settled out in the bottom of the tank to waste. The UltraBead series have another unique econobesd The filter system consists of: Aqua Sieve Large inc Lid.

Unique on the European pond market: EconoBead 40 galls 22kg Beads. A bead filter can easily econobeax operated manually using the six-way valve. EconoBead Beadfilters are constructed from high quality fibreglass conforming drink water standards so they are completely save for your fish.

Contact us if you want to become an official AquaForte dealer. The blower is also equipped with a silencer.

Bead Filters

The EconoBead Beadfilter comes with a warranty period of 5 years on the pipe and fitting system and a warranty period of 10 years on the fibreglass vessel and beads. BeadFilters remove solids from the water by different mechanisms, physical straining is the most dominant mechanism removing larger particles over 50 microns.


The first time we use the RINSE feature to wash the beads with the blower which forces huge amounts of air into the vessel and since air rises in water, the beads are broken apart by this action, making a thorough backwash easy to accomplish.

Dirty Harry Pre Filter. Advantages Unique on the European pond market: Move multiport valve to backwash mode. Due to a very compact bypass-system, the multi-way valve is completely unused during filtering as the water flows directly into the filter and also leaves the filter in a direct line.

One cubic foot contains aboutbeads.

Econobead Low Pressure Bypass Kit – EB 40, 50 & 60 | Healthy Koi

The water enters the EconoBead filter from the top spray bar C and exits the vessel at A and goes out to waste. Ultrabead bead filter Nr. The Econo Bead filters have a strong quality polypropylene vessel and are standard equipped with: Low pressure bypass kit for EB Filters. Most compact pond filter on the market. Activate blower unit for minutes. Econobead bypass Kit for Europe?

econkbead When the bacteria are given the proper environment to grow, they grow into a thin bio film all over the surface of each bead. Please Remember All our pices include V.

Bead filters are closed pressure vessels filled with thousands of plastic beads. The EconoBead Beadfilters have a strong quality polypropylene vessel and are standard equipped with: EconoBead 20, galls. If the filters are used for some time, the biofilm the sticky layer around the beads becomes thicker, so that finer and finer dirt is caught. This is because useful bacteria stick to the beads and break down harmful substances such as ammonium, nitrite and nitrate.


This water, by means of the unique econogead of the Ultrabead, spins, separating the heavier solids and forcing them to the centre of the tank. This comes in handy when you are treating the pond.

You can also use the waste setting to vacuum out your pond without the garbage going into your filter, it bypasses the EconoBead filter via the multiport and goes out to waste.

Coastal Koi – EconoBead Filters & Packages – Secure Online Shopping

Advantages Biological and mechanical filtration in one Simple and quick cleaning Maximum flow with minimal pressure loss Filtration up to 5 microns Standard with bypass Most compact filter system on the market All models are standard equipped with a totally new designed multiport valve construction with integrated by-pass. Both mechanical filtration and biological filtration take place in a bead filter.

ProfiDrum Eco Drum Filter. This guarantees a maximum flow with minimal pressure loss.

Move multiport valve to rinse feature. We are always looking to expand our network. Move multiport valve to rinse.