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EDOGAWA RAMPO, THE HUMAN CHAIR LP – READ BY LAURENCE R. HARVEY, SCORE BY SLASHER FILM FESTIVAL STRATEGY NATURAL WHITE . Not once,” Chin-hua answered without any hesitation, her face glowing as she crunched on the melon seeds in her mouth. edogawa ranpo Edogawa Ranpo. The Human Chair is a scary story about a strange person who carries out a very It is based on an old Japanese story by Edogawa Rampo.

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The letter-writer has no family or friends, and claims to be “ugly beyond description”. Although it was a sinister idea, it attracted me with a powerful magnetism which I found impossible to resist. He rebuilds the chair so that—wait for it—he can fit inside with his knees down under the seat and his torso up along the back of the chair with his arms through the chair arms.

Again her name was written in that same familiar scrawl.

Thank you very much. Even before Yoshiko had read many pages, some premonition of evil had caused her to become deadly pale. In “The Human Chair”, a writer gets a manuscript sent to her home.

The Human Chair by Edogawa Rampo | Geek Mind : Believe in Geek

At any rate, now that you are creeped out and vaguely saddened by a craftsman’s plight, let’s move on the end of the story. I changed the design and made a hollow space inside. The person loved to read, so I came up with a cunning plan. Please edit the article to focus on discussing the work rather than merely reiterating the plot. Now, after you finish reading this, please turn around and look at me.

It is a sample of my own humble attempts at fictional writing. It is based on an old Japanese story by Edogawa Rampo. Some of the women possessed the firm bodies of ponies; others seemed to have the slimy bodies of snakes; and still others had bodies composed of nothing but fat, giving them the bounce of a rubber ball. And, really, the story should have ended right there. That woman was the writer who was reading the story. Gradually the truth seemed to dawn on me.


As it was a large armchair, with the seat covered right down to the level of the floor, and furthermore, as the back-rest and arm-supports were all large in dimensions, I soon contrived to make the cavity inside large enough to accommodate a man without any danger of exposure.

Arnold’s “The Night Wire” is possibly the worst ending for an otherwise great weird edogaawa story emailed me to say he had a better candidate. As for myself, however, I was utterly frightened, so much so that I crouched in my dark hide-out as if petrified, cold sweat running down my armpits. I have a 1 story house and ra,po very thin chair. What a madman I was!

I was in complete darkness, but I could hear what was going on around me. In this part of his letter, yhe admits that he has fallen in love with the wife of this official.

The Human Chair

Whenever she became tired from sitting long in one position on my humble person, I would slowly move my knees and embrace her more warmly, making her more snug. Possibly you have heard of the hermit crab that is often found on coastal rocks. To begin with, I merely happen to be one of your ardent admirers. However, in my dark, confined world inside the chair, facial edogaawa or demerits were of secondary importance, being overshadowed by the more meaningful qualities rxmpo in the feel of flesh, the sound of the voice, body odor.

By the time I was finished, the chair had become a miniature home. Can you imagine how strange that felt? When I got to the punch line, I shrieked, slid out of it, and read the rest on the floor!


But there was one member of the family I loved more than all of the others. One day, I was designing a new type of chair and, as I worked, a very strange idea began to take form in my mind.

“An even better weird story with an even worse ending” than The Night Wire? The Human Chair…

For those wishing to get in touch, you can contact me in a number of ways. SFK, you need to check out his works and maybe post some of rdogawa here in the form of your own story. Picked up a copy 1 at the library I work at, and set off to test John’s thesis. I have but one request.

After several months of living in the sofa, he learned that the hotel was put under new management. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: For in this strange, dark world I could hear and touch all desirable creatures.

He hhman that often he has found himself falling in love with some of the women who sit on him. In terror, Yoshiko jumps off the sofa and runs to the other side of the house. Gradually I came to want to convey my feelings to her.

Other distinguishing factors consisted of the curve of the spine, the breadth of the shoulder blades, the hyman of the arms, and the thickness of their thighs as well as the contour of their bottoms.