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The Curious Sofa is a classic book by Edward Gorey, published under the pen name Ogdred Weary (an anagram). The book is a “pornographic illustrated. The Curious Sofa: A Pornographic Work by Ogdred Weary [Ogdred Weary] on The Gashlycrumb Tinies by Edward Gorey Hardcover $ Curious. 2 graphic a porno- work by. Ogdred. Weary. Page 2. TME. CURIOUS SOFA. Ogared Weary by. Harcourt Brace & Company. New York San Diego.

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She spent five years covering video game development in both San Francisco and London, examining the art, science, and business of the industry, and in was named one of the top most influential women in the game industry. In later years he illustrated many children’s books by John Bellairs, as well as books in several series begun by Bellairs and continued by other authors after his death.

The Curious Sofa

Newer Post Older Post Home. Jul 20, Michelle Morrell rated it really liked it Shelves: Darkly whimsical in tone and, although certainly not explicit, concerning a slightly more adult subject matter than the rest of Gorey’s work, ‘The Curious Sofa’ follows the adventures of a particularly open-minded young lady called Sova and alludes to all manner of compromising situations, ranging from a romp with Despite being a self-proclaimed ‘pornographic work’, ‘The Curious Sofa’ is a surprisingly subtle and, considering it comes from the brain of Edward Gorey, unsurprisingly amusing yarn.

You must own this, I say! Should I happen to read said book maybe I’ll get back here and do eward review.

Smart Compose comes to Pixel 3 and four new languages. Oct 22, Sally rated it liked it. Posted by ampootozote at 6: The Long and Shortbox Of It! Over the years, Mr. It is in no way pornographic, or even “erotica,” though sexual acts are referred to throughout hilariously–if hilarious for you might include a droll Victorian tone and cadence; for instance, “Alice was eating grapes in the park, when Herbert, an extremely well-endowed young man, introduced himself to her. I did, on every single page!


You couldn’t portray the Downton Abbey servants’ lives accurately without turning the Crawley’s into monsters and villains. The first series of Batman movies got him in a comic book store and the DC animated series made him a life long fan.

Mar 16, Sabrina Chapadjiev rated it it was amazing. Animal Man, Starman, and Preacher are among his favorite comic runs. Literally Anyone Can Make Comics: From our heroine perusing an album of ‘instructive chromolithographs’ to a married couple, both with wooden legs ‘with which they could do all sorts of entertaining tricks’ A Pornographic Work by Ogdred Weary, but it’s not really pornographic sorry, I ggorey you ssofa hoping to read something titillating here!

Goreyana: The Curious Sofa

Everything is left to the reader’s imagination and, accordingly, all of the ‘action’ takes place just off the page. There is something deliciously demented about Edward Gorey who published this work under an acronym of his name; Ogdred Weary. Sifa had expired during the night, and gloom descended on everybody. May 21, Erin Britton rated it it was amazing. The book is brilliant.

Ohhhhhh it just hit me how euphemistically sexual it was.

Books by Edward Gorey. Sora maternal great-grandmother, Helen St. It is what’s implied that makes this little book hilarious: At the end of the book the sofa is suddenly introduced: It’s a dirty little quickie for book lovers. Trivia About The Curious Sofa.


That’s what I was doing the entire time my brother-in-law read it aloud to me. This title appears in Amphigorey and is currently in print once again. Labels albondocani press 1 book by Gorey christmas 32 collectibles 3 exhibitions 61 fantod press 4 illustrated by Gorey 94 limited edition 12 magazine 42 miscellaneous original art postcard 7 poster 5 prints 35 reference 5 stuffed doll 16 theater and ballet How to Clean Shower Curtains Correctly.

Of course you never find out what the “very surprising service” thee the next sora just suggests another similarly vague sexual act.

Yet, for the adult the book is ultimately the most filthiest thing this reader has ever encountered outside of some Cocteau Twins lyrics. Edward Gorey’s work never sucks.

Ye Olde Comick Booke Blogge. Part Presence, Part Idea. A Pornographic Work by Ogdred Weary is one of Edward Gorey’s works in which the story is told through delightful pen-and-ink drawings with witty captions. Aug 15, Eddie Watkins gorrey it really liked it Shelves: Sep 15, Mayo rated it liked it Shelves: Another witty tale complete with fabulous illustrations.

Jun 18, Anya rated it liked it Shelves: Building Stories – Suggested Reading Order. Actually the book was never specific at all, about anything. Edward is even better in my mind now.

Please hold on as we update a few things. Is this more or less troubling than My Mother the Car?