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When it comes to reliable equipment, you can always count on Eheim to produce a fair priced product. The Eheim Compact pump is no. Eheim Compact Pump The compact aquarium pumps are for use under water. These small devices can be easily concealed inside the aquarium and f. The new EHEIM Compact Pump series for use under water is available with three different outputs: 80, and gph. They are suitable for use in aquariums.

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Originally Posted by davocean Eheim compacts are not made by eheim, sadly they are a very different animal. Find More Posts by Aqualund.

That won’t be replaced. Everywhere I look though has really good reviews on those pumps.

Compact, powerful and silent

However now the second one is doing the same thing, except it just stopped outright while running. San Diego, CA Posts: The time now is Before I send off to Amazon for a replacement for the second pump. Because of that I got a to run my desktop system. This fail with the cinched that deal. Find More Posts by jayball. All comlact are GMT Originally Posted by toothybugs.

EHEIM Aeh Compact Water Pump for Aquarium | eBay

SW corner of Lake Michigan Posts: Compacct of this web site is subject to the terms and conditions described in the user agreement. So I sent off to Amazon for a replacement pump which should be here in a few days. Originally Posted by davocean. If you’re seeing this message, you haven’t met them yet.


I replaced the single return pump on my Nuvo Fusion 20 gallon with 2 Eheim Compact pumps. Find More Posts by OsiViper. I have talked with the eheim rep here in the midwest and she was adamant that the pumps That’s odd, and disconcerting. I would not get another one if I were you.

It won’t start up on its own. A pox on you for jinxing me I’ve run my twice since getting it, for intermediate use as a powerhead to blow out my rocks. I am an Eheim cheerleader if there ever was one, and I myself would not get a compact. The water getting down to the pump is filtered down to about micron so there shouldn’t be anything jamming the pump, and when I inspect them, there is nothing in them.

Selling and trading on ReefCentral. Is there a way to fix it? Eheim compacts are not made by eheim, sadly they are a very different animal. Last night, third time powering it up, no response.

Eheim Compact Water Pump – Redwood Aquatics

Find More Posts by davocean. Maybe they are reviews by people that don’t know what a REALLY good pump should be, or they may be short term use reviews after a new purchase. Anyone have experience with Eheim Compact pumps? Because of the sheer size of our forum, we’ve been forced to limit selling and trading to members who’ve met a couple of criteria.


Not so ejeim on here Originally Posted by toothybugs A xompact on you for jinxing me I’ve run my twice since getting it, for intermediate use as a powerhead to blow out my rocks.

The only way eyeim get it running again was to remove the cover and replace it with it running. My adored baby Compact also bit it but after 6 months. I’ll follow this and I may have to reconsider it.

EHEIM Aeh1001310 Compact Water Pump 600 for Aquarium

So, now I need a return for a 15 gallon DT with a 20H sump. Find More Posts by toothybugs. Find More Posts by Buzz Is this a common issue?

I have had a Compact running my 40B for over a year and a half now with no issues other than plugging up with chunks of chaeto, etc. And within 1 week of use, one of the pumps stopped working – it’s like the impeller jammed up.

But as soon as I remove the cover it starts up again.