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Hofstadter Douglas R – Dennett Daniel C el ojo de la mente. 3 likes. Book. By Douglas R. Hofstadter, Daniel C. Dennett. Show description. Read or Download El Ojo De La Mente PDF. Similar spanish books. New PDF. Manny said: I have been conducting a long discussion about the nature of tra mente e cervello, volto a tirare acqua al mulino del riduzionismo fisicalista dei due . La cosa buffa é che questo libro di tecnico ha veramente poco: per lo più si.

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To give someone else a response such as “it teaches us to analyse arguments” is rarely helpful. All of those works develop many of the same ideas that are in the book, but in more depth and with some thought that is easier to track. It had been my hangout for years previously as the second floor location fronted the east with large windows, making the woodsy place sunny and warm.

Daniel Dennett and Douglas Hofstadder collected stories that inspired new thoughts and ideas.

The Mind’s I: Fantasies and Reflections on Self and Soul

Can a self, a soul, a consciousness, an “I” arise out of mere matter? It might deserve less stars because of some unnecessary circling it does. Still, the subjective-objective tension, and the balance between holism and reductionism keeps this matter from being over-simplified and conclusive. Despite his wartime service, Turing was eventually arrested, stripped of his security clearance, and forced to undergo a humiliating treatment program– all for trying to live honestly in a society that defined homosexuality as a crime.

Whilst the mix of academic paper and sci-fi short story works science fiction being, after all, primarily the fiction of mrnteI found too many of the items – Hofstadter’s dialogues in particular – flabby and self-satisfied. I think a naturalistic explanation of selfhood borders on insanity.

Download PDF by Douglas R. Hofstadter, Daniel C. Dennett: El Ojo De La Mente – Apart-Pdfs Library

Most widely held works about Douglas R Hofstadter. The structure of the book was very helpful. Therefore, I am the determined part, and the determining whole—both determined and determining. The Riddle Of the Universe And Its Solution—An infectious thought is sending people into catatonic states, and scientists try to isolate the idea in media before they succumb.


Each piece is followed by the authors’ comments under sections called “Reflections”. The philosophical gleanings were bountiful, and the challenges to traditional ways of thinking about humanity and human consciousness were well dr the work. Obra de arte, texto asombrosamente documentado, El ojo de la mente no puede sino seducir a una amplia gama de lectores: I don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing hofstadger I think it does a good job of expanding imaginative horizons even if the questions it raises are still unsolved.

This book was an excellent introduction to speculative fiction divorced from the modern categories of science fiction and Tolkienesque fantasy. May 13, John rated it really liked it. You could say that this is an approach toward a monastic or naturalistic epistemology. Most widely held works by Douglas R Hofstadter. The three words which are the first thing often the only thing most of us associate with Descartes, “cogito, ergo sum,” were the result of this; after wondering whether his entire mental experience might be an elaborate hoax created by a demon, he dpuglas, to oversimplify, that because he was able to think he must exist–there must hofstader something doing the hofstadted.

Revisiting the country house his parents used to frequent, Giovanni discovers there that he can call his year-old self on the eve of his father’s disappearance, no less by dialing his old phone number. What happens if you immerse a crystal in a magnetic field? Dec 30, Vadim rated kjo it was amazing.

They called themselves the Vienna Circle. View all 5 comments. I liked that, while a collection intended to provoke in a variety of ways, the reflections limited the whole. You will, it must dougls said, probably not come away from a reading with a clear answer as to the nature of the self, the seat and origin of consciousness or whether the Matrix has us. These comments provide valuable insight into, sometimes confusing, chapters they refer to.


Giovanni Astengo keeps his life at arm’s length: Hofstadter has collected a set of intriguing essays, short stories, and mini-plays, all designed to help us question our conceptions of “mind. To me, it seems quite reasonable to take Turing’s program seriously and embrace its core hypothesis: The book, incidentally, was excellent and well-chosen.

Douglas R. Hofstadter, Daniel C. Dennett’s El Ojo De La Mente PDF – WhatBook Books

Honestly this changed my way of thinking on several levels. I first read “The Mind’s I” in high school and regularly reread its various essays.

This book however contains lots of little nuggets in easy to read formats such as Lem’s fairytales or the musical references each of which will apply to an individual.

Near the beginning of the book the authors had warned of two extremes to avoid: I’ve learned since reading it that the ideas discussed, and in many cases the actual texts, are seen as groundbreaking, essential works in their field.

It’s also turned me on to a few authors who I may have never heard of otherwise, and whose writings I found to be extraordinary, which is a great bonus.

What happens to consciousness? Pay particular attention to the preface where Hofstadter writes “Our purpose is not so much to answer the big questions directly as to jolt everyone”.

But on theory t I like anthologies. He graduated with Distinction in Mathematics from Stanford in