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El Tercer Ojo (Spanish Edition) [T. Lobsang Rampa] on *FREE* shipping on Medico Del Tibet (Spanish Edition) Paperback. Rampa Lobseng. El Tercer Ojo = The Third Eye has ratings and reviews. Bettie☯ said: Description: T. Lobsang Rampa was preordained to be a Tibetan priest, a si olarak şaibeyle karşılanmış, tartışılmış, hatta yazar sahtekarlıkla da suçlanmış. T. Lobsang Rampa was preordained to be a Tibetan priest, a sign from the El nombre Tuesday (martes en inglés) está relacionado con la afirmación de que los . Sin embargo, saber el alcance que tiene el tercer ojo, la disciplina que se .

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It is a novel that will give you insights about the world, probably the world of monks. Written as an autobiography, overall in a very credible manner.

It was particularly interesting to read about a Tibetan monk’s training in the current political climate. Dr thing that can be said for sure about this book is that it offers a fascinating look into the Tibetan philosophy and religion through the eyes of the author.

El Tercer Ojo : T. Lobsang Rampa :

This constricting net of conceptions is our prison. Maybe I have read this book many many years ago, but I can not remember? Nevertheless – book is very intriguing to read. Even this is an entertaining book to me, I still pick up some very wise ideas for myself and to share here: Di luar kita percaya atau tidak dengan penuturan T. During sleep man returns to a different plane of existence. Apakah reinkaransi itu sungguh ada? Es un libro para pensar y para aprender. I enjoyed reading especially the Tibetan wisdom and their religion concepts, as well as those weird and scientific-unproven yet mysteries.


If you have ever found yourself lost under the burden of some of the biggest philosophical questions concerning life, this book will surely lend a valuable perspective. Yeah, i learned from my own school of life!

The Third Eye

Apr 18, Chris rated it really liked it. Return to Book Page. This is a fun read, full of stuff that is hard to believe even if you want to and you’re not meditation rookie.

Trepanation drilling into the skull is real, as are a few of the other practices outlined by “T. Feb 04, Kuldip S Attalia rated it it was amazing. I read it and reread tercr at times when I’m feeling rampaa or depressed. I read this book as a teenager and i thought it was great. Though the third eye is a prominent feature in Hindu iconography and occasionally features in the Tibetan Buddhist representations of enlightened beings such as Vajrayogini and Vajrabhairava, what most people assume to be a third eye in Buddha images is a dot symbolizing the urna, a dl of white hair which appears on the foreheads of great beings and distinguishes them as such.

The books speaks about how Lobsang Rampa became Tibetan lama and the pain he went through from age 3 onwards, and age 7 he was sent to lamasery.

Feb 21, S’hi rated it really liked it Shelves: Apr 10, Thampy.

El Tercer Ojo = The Third Eye

This book is telling us story about a process of a boy being a priest in Tibet. Refresh and try again. As a suit of clothes is discarded when worn out, so does the soul discards the body when the latter is worn out or torn.

Jul 28, Serenity rated it really liked it. I think it is a book you should read many times in separate times. Tibet has for long been an exotic placeholder for Western projections of spirituality, and this book conveniently affirms them: Rampa was part of a publishing bandwagon that sought to capitalize on the growing interest in medition, buddhism, reincarnation, and the new age movement in general.


The first chapter of this book blew my mind. For his stroy i give him 5 star, but because of his lie i give him 3 star.

Trivia About The Third Eye. I want read it? This book could have been summarized in 80 pages and not pages as in real book. I have both a hardback and a paperback copy available for sale. Saya sendiri berupaya supaya konotasi negatif itu dapat terhapus dengan cara mencoba menterjemahkan karya-karya tersebut dalam bahasa Indonesia. This is why I came, to learn. Interesting book made more interesting by the untrained author’s introduction.

As it is a wonderful book to read to understand a mysterious country, its geographical knowledge, sceneries, culture, customs, religion and lobsany cute, smart and compassionate lama’s life from 7 years old This is a book about Tibet written in by an English man Cyril Henry Hoskinwho claimed to be a honorable lama in his previous life. Learned a bit about buddhism and tibet through the read. Overall, much of the occult and paranormal events are rapa over – of course.

What would your noble father say? Jun 17, Steven Phelps rated it liked it. Refresh and try again. The very first of Lobsang Rampa I read from my dad’s collection. The Df Eye introduced the strict discipline of the lama in his route to obtaining the ability to see with psychic power.

Jul 30, Inez rated it really liked it Shelves: