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Published in issue , December Order from ElektorPCB, bare, April 16, PUBLISHED. in Elektor magazine | December | Find it here. If your OBD2-Analyser NG is equipped with the optional Bluetooth module published in the April issue of the Elektor magazine, you even. Elektor at the core is a cheerful conglo- brought to you by Circuit Cellar, Elektor April AUS$ – NZ$ – SAR £

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So, they might have to be entered several times with a change of ECU in between. Hot water please If the heating system is also used to supply hot water for domestic use, additional pipes are used for this purpose.

Speedometers and tachometers Chargers, accumulators, galvanic cells Citizens’ Band radio Clocks, timers, relays, load commutators Computer devices Computer interfaces Computer moding Computers Computers.

In the current implementation x must be less than Jumper JP3 must be avdil if the circuit is connected to the end of the RS bus. The input stages for the other temperature sensors have a similar structure.

Free online library on electronics How to download files? The time delay between the signals from a pair of sensors is determined by a correlation algorithm in the signal processing software, which shifts the signal waveforms from the two supply line sensors relative to each other until they virtually overlap.

De : Ton Giesberts – p 7 | Elektor Magazine

However, port number must be less than So, a remote mechanic could take a look on live-data of your car. These two opamps can pull port pin PD7 or PB0 respectively to approximately 0. If pairs of temperature sensors separated by a few metres are mounted on the supply and return lines, the flow velocity can be determined from the time offset of the variations measured by the two sensors.


It is rated for only relatively low voltages and currents. Currently, the software runs on PC and Raspberry Pi.

The accuracy of the measurements can be improved by applying some thermal paste between the sensor and the heating pipe. The base for the firmware update is the original version 1. In this leektor we describe a relatively easy way to check these values and monitor your consumption almost continuously.

Free Elektor magazine July/August 2010

It also has a switched output for driving a relay that can control a circulation pump. This means that the ATmega can spend most of its time in power-down mode. TV Elektor Ethics Back to top. Security and alarm systems Car. Next connect a RS adapter to the two middle pins of four-way connector P To increase the sensitivity of the system, the return line sensor signals are applied to the inputs of a differential amplifier, and the resulting difference signal qvril amplified.

If your OBD2-Analyser NG is equipped with the optional Bluetooth module published in the April issue of the Elektor magazine, you even do not need to flash the new firmware to try it avtil JP4 has yet another function: See the command summary in chapter 2. If 00 is given, negative response codes are switched off.

When you relocate, the system can be removed without leaving any traces behind. Of which some steps can be omitted if a Raspberry Pi 3 with built-in Bluetooth is used.

For example, the resistance of a KT sensor is approximately 1. In that case you can view more data items or menu items at once, since the test software’s display height is 64 simulated pixels instead of the 32 pixels of the original LCD.


Warning for HHEmu prior V2. I keep them here as long as I do not make a new release with full source code. Here C28 and R61 form a high-pass filter that more or less allows only changes in the signal level to pass.

Since HHEmu version 2. All you need in order to determine how much heat your system delivers is four temperature sensors, a bit of wiring, and a microcontroller. If you want to switch a circulation avrik, you will need a suitable power relay or contactor, which in turn is driven by K1. R47 is necessary to stabilise U4a with a capacitive load. avriil

Since the browser can be run on a different machine than the application, you can remotely control the OBD2 Analyser NG via the internet, then. This is detected by the temperature difference between elektlr hot water and cold water supply lines. Directory structure and files are almost identical to the old firmware release elktor. Opamp U7d is wired as a comparator and triggers an interrupt in the ATmega microcontroller via pin PB1 when the supply line temperature rises.

In case of circuits connected to the AC powerline, the usual safety regulations must be observed.

Description of old Files in the Attachments Section Check the latest project update to download the latest version of the firmware and the latest version of HHEmu. Electronic fuel injection Car. Heating bills often present unpleasant surprises.