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Hip Flask and Ebony Hide count amongst their number: Elephantmen. Even when befriended by a small girl, Hide is still haunted by his past and is forced to. The Elephantmen series follows the on going battles of the giant mutated animal/ human crossbreed creatures created by a shadowy. Read Elephantmen comic online free and high quality. Fast loading speed, unique reading type: All pages – just need to scroll to read next page.

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Elephantmen Vol. 3: Dangerous Liaisons

Ships from and sold by Amazon. Living with the humans has proven to be incredibly difficult for the Elephantmen. The art is gorgeous and I like the concept a lot. There Is No Us.

Not even This was enjoyable. Explore the Home Gift Guide. Elephantmen’s broken-down protagonists don’t get much of an answer to that in this volume, but its care and pacing suggests Starkings will do right by his weighty themes.

Elephantmen Vol. 00: Armed Forces

elephntmen For other uses, see The Elephant Man disambiguation. I love nothing better than a glowing recommendation, so I decided to spring for it despite my limited knowledge of the subject matter.

Wounded Animals is an entirely different beast — no pun intended.

The writing is mostly pretty good, though I did find one section that translated the main character into a storybook tale of pirates told to a child a bit of a chore to read. This trade had a lot of stand alone stories in it some so so, some excellentwith pretty good art, so I’m going to keep reading. Heavy paper, thick, This really just goes to show that some people and I’m not naming names are a sucker for advertising and packaging.


This is comid uncomfortable book, not my usual fare but so wonderfully done that I want to read more. Many of the Elephantmen were assigned jobs by the government. The story, of course, is a lot more reflective than it looks – being essentially a comic not so much about violence as about its effects: It might be the art that really does it for me, though. The series shows that the characters are haunted by memories that are still raw, with some people being driven to insanity due to being unable to let go of the past.

The artwork is striking but a couple of the issues’ have some wobbly line work, which is somewhat odd given the excellent design and sumptuous colouring.

Elephantmen Digital Comics – Comics by comiXology

This article needs additional citations for verification. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. I bought this to read on a long flight and by the time I finished one read through the cover had pealed away from the binding and the binding had split. I’d not heard of Elephantmen before but I came across this on the sale rack at Waterstones and was intrigued.


Elephantmen (Comic Book) – TV Tropes

Billed as “pulp science fiction,” the story is dark and at times violent, exploring the consequences of private military experimentation when its products are introduced into society. While their mission has not been elaborated at this stage it seems to be a combination of liberating the Elephantmen, investigating the attacks on the local populace and ending the development of MAPPO’s illegal army.


The artwork is really good! I’m willing to give the series a try still because when Elephantmen is good, it is fantastic! The thematic elements in this book around war, animal experimentation, love without boundaries, and the consequences of power are beautifully explored through the rich plot and gorgeous artwork.

The art was fantastic, the story interesting, to say the least. Ebony Hide has a conversation with a young girl named Savannah, who fails to understand the complexities or differences between people, as only a child can.

Stylistically, the series is a blend of noir and science fiction, but one that avoids being overly “pulpy” in the traditional sense, while telling a series of loosely-connected short stories.


Elehantmen process involves implanting embryos into the wombs of kidnapped local women who are disposed of after giving birth. However, as you begin to empathize within the very first issue, No trivia or quizzes yet. I treat all my books like gold but this binding problem needs to be fixed.