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Encyclopaedia Arcane – Star Magic is presented under the Open Game and D20 Licences. See page 64 for the text of these licences. All game stats and pages. Encyclopaedia Arcane Star Magic – Mortals look up at the midnight sky and see the stars, eternal and changeless. They have worshipped them. Continuing the Encyclopaedia Arcane series, Star Magic shows wizards, bards and sorcerers alike how to harness the power of the stars themselves.

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Even if you decide not to use the system as presented, each page of this book shines with the vision of star magic as something far more than a simple game mechanic. The Astrologer is a particularly well thought out prestige class that can easily be slipped into any game where Star Magic is being used or any other with a little modification and would probably be of great interest to bard characters wishing to settle down.

Encyclopaedia Arcane Series by August Hahn

An astute player will simply determine which stars and constellations he wishes to purchase ahead of time and choose the school that most closely resembles those abilities to sacrifice. Posted By Morrus Friday, 28th December, Crossbreeding – Flesh and Blood. All the secrets of creating life are found within… More. When you create a new school of magic it needs to be tied into the balance mechanism that regulates specialist mages.

The inside cover features a robed figure gazing through a telescope at the first star to appear in a sunset sky. Magi can channel different stars together and create greater magical effects which are known as a Constellations.

Sovereign mages are those who have learned the rare art of entering the soul of the land and binding their personal power to it. Most of the new feats are directly tied to the Constellations too.


Some even send forth weird allies and emissaries, whose eyes and ears the sovereign mages may use and through whom they may speak. Arcahe is more typical with the series there are four prestige classes. You entered an incorrect username or password. Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone. Magical lenses are used to focus sovereig magical light of a Star or Constellation.

The other two classes, afcane full prestige classes, are the Nomad Shaman and the Guardian of the Secret Path. Its far more interesting to talk about channelling the star of death than preparing and casting it. The section also points out that careful arcsne and selection is required to reap the rewards of study as well.

The chapter is clear and concise and outlines all the rules that a character of each class will need, accompanied by a simple table for quick reference always a useful tool in a book of this type. Account Options Sign in.

The heart of the book and the largest chapter by far 27 pagesStar Magic Mechanics presents the rules for “channelling” stars and constellations in all their glory. Guardian at the Gate.

You can assign a Constellation to a higher than required spell slot too. The book finishes with a little encyclopaediz for the Game Master.

Encyclopaedia Arcane Series

Soverelgn come to assist mortals. Once the heady heights of ninth level spellcasting are attained, the magician is believed to be at the apex of his power. This allows Bards access to a type of magic that is far more diverse and offensive than the normal bard spell list, an important limitation on that class’s spell use. Constellations are as you would expect.

Sovereign Magic – Encyclopaedia Arcane – D20 – eBooks

You can assign a Constellation to a higher than required spell slot too. Here is just a small fraction of the more exciting stellar-specific effects: In contrast, the Magus class offers nothing new and interesting. Focusing Places are a form of artefact being as no Magi knows how soverekgn create themspecific places that offer the benefits of a lens at particular times of the year, although the bonus can be must higher than a normal lens. Sorcerers, having learnt a star at 1st mayic, can cast it at any spell level, with increasing effectiveness at each level.


Physical Details The supplement is 64 pages in length as with other books in the Encyclopedia Arcane series. Even-level slots are used to learn additional Stars or Constellations from earlier odd-numbered levels. In all, the stars and constellations retain a distinctive flavour that does set them apart from the spells that other arcane spellcasters use.

Although not strictly forbidden, most magi regard it as dangerous knowledge.

Astrology and your on your way but what this book offers is the author’s vision, and it is a truly inspiring vision indeed, one capable of making almost any reader want to play enxyclopaedia of these unique and colourful miracle workers. Sovereign Magic Encyclopaedia Arcane. Illusionism – Smoke And Mirrors.

Abjuration by August Hahn. The Star Magic Mechanics section is the core of the supplement and contains terminology and information particular to the star magic channeling system.

Sovereign Magic

Such information is not intended solely for the Games Master to use in association with non-player characters, however. All the Stars lowest level spells and Constellations higher level spells are also housed here soveriegn this is the most exciting and exhaustive part of the work.

Dragon Magic – Power Incarnate. For their own reasons, the denizens of these places seek to come to the world.