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F. William Engdahl, Global Research, Centre for Research on Seeds of destruction: the hidden agenda of genetic manipulation I. F. William. excerpts from the book. Seeds of Destruction. The Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation. by F. William Engdahl. Global Research, Seeds of Destruction by F. William Engdahl, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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GM foods today ehgdahl our diet. These people, desperate to survive and easy prey for any way to do it, provided cheap, desrruction labour. Today, we’re all lab rats in an uncontrolled, unregulated mass human experiment the results of which are unknown.

The European Union thus banned the product, but the US did not. The family’s name is Rockefeller. It’s the story of a powerful family and a ‘small socio-political American elite that seeks to establish control over the very basis of human survival’ – future life through the food we eat. America’s landscape was changing, with people trampled on for the sake of profits.

By the mids, Menem was “revolutionizing] Argentina’s traditional productive agriculture” to one based on monoculture for global export. We eat GMO’s every single day, fed to us by major corporate food producers in this country, without any clear understanding of just what these foods can do to us.

Seeds of Destruction : The Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation

This became the “Green Revolution”. It was an ideal time for a new alliance between US-based grain-trading zeeds and the government. Oaxaca is in the country’s far South so Chapela knew if contamination spread there, it was desttruction throughout Mexico.

Each year, they must buy new seeds and they’re forbidden to reuse any from previous years as was customary before GMO introductions.

The Subterfuge of “Food for Peace”. Art rated it it was amazing Apr 22, Engdahl quotes USDA spokesman Willard Phelps from a June interview, saying the agency wanted Terminator technology to be “widely licensed and made expeditiously available to many seed companies”. The Blair government went even further. If you ever wanted to engahl more about the debate on Genetically Modified Foods read this book!

  IEC 61937-1 PDF

Review of ‘Seeds of Destruction – The Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation’

Nothing known to science can reverse this condition. It was called a solution to world “over-population”but news about it vanished after Biolex acquired the company.

Later on, DuPont dropped “through chemistry” as evidence mounted on the toxic effects of chemicals, and a changing company in began using a new slogan, “The Miracles of Science”, in its advertising. The book’s introduction says it ‘reads like a crime story. Like it or not, they’re advancing their agenda, and a Rockefeller Foundation report shows it. This was Rockefeller Foundation policy, and it is “key to understanding [its later efforts] in the revolution in biotechnology and plant genetics”.

Part of the scheme was for GMO agribusiness giants to have free rein over that part of the economy, to radically transform Iraq’s food production system into a model for GMO seeds and plants. From the s, Nelson Rockefeller had significant Latin American interests, especially in areas of oil and banking. You will learn how these corporations want to achieve control over all mankind, and why we must resist They produce chicken meat under “atrocious health and safety conditions”.

Seeds of Destruction: The Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation

Thymus and spleen damage showed up, as did enlarged tissues, including the pancreas and intestines. The Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation, which is the subject of this review engvahl.

The gigantic bio-tech corporation Monsanto is threatening to destroy the agricultural biodiversity which has served mankind for thousands of years. Consider how the scheme ties in with Rockefeller Foundation population control strategy. Under the ruling, GMO plant breeds can be patented – and US government agencies are complicit in helping agribusiness giants ensure that nothing stops them from doing it.

Their crops have been destroyed, because that’s what this herbicide is engineered to do: The big winners were grain traders like CargillArcher Daniels Midland ADM and Continental Grain ; they were helped by Kissinger’s “new food diplomacy [to create] a global agriculture market for the first time”. Using seeds “similar” to protected, patented varieties could result in severe fines and imprisonment. The Clinton and Blair governments were determined to suppress them because Washington was spending billions promoting GMO crops and a future biotech revolution.


Global Research Articles by F. They teamed up with Russian economist Wassily Leontiefgot funding from the Rockefeller and Ford foundations and initiated a four-decade revolution to dominate the food industry. Kissinger is engeahl under it for wanting to withhold food aid to “people who can’t or won’t control their population growth” – in other words, if they won’t do it, we’ll do it for them.

It was a scam, as other products are far better sources of this nutrient, and to get enough of it requires eating an impossible nine kilograms about 20 pounds of rice daily.

Seeds of Destruction: The Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation by F. William Engdahl

Jan 15, Suzanne rated it desgruction it. As a footnote, Pusztai now lectures around the world on his GMO research and is a consultant to start-up groups researching the health effects of these foods. It was just the beginning.

Engdahl takes the reader into the corridors of power, into the back rooms of labs, behind closed doors of corporate boardrooms. Domination of world agriculture was to be.

The shortage of grain staples, along with the seedd of two s oil shocks, advanced a “significant new Washington policy turn”. Nothing would be allowed to stop the agribusiness juggernaut from proceeding unimpeded. Through it, he introduced.