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Learn how to use the lensatic compass used by the US Military. PRECISION COMPASS. * LENSATIC *. PROVEN • RUGGED ACCURATE. CAMMENGA. FAX ( ANILINE AVE. HOLLAND, MICHIGAN I get lots of questions via email from people wanting to know how to use a lensatic compass, and I think I’ve covered that pretty well in a series of two posts.

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That’s the heading that you need to move along to reach your desired end or way point. The intersection gives your position. Permanent magnets or iron placed near the compass are used for compensation.

Now, hold the compass level and squarely in front of you. Depending on which text editor you’re pasting into, you might have to add the italics to the site name. Hold the compass level by your thumb and index finger. A soldier had lots of iron around him, in his helmet and rifle for example, so these had to be put aside when using the compass.

How to Read an Engineer Compass | Sciencing

The needle was made horizontal by sliding a wire weight along it. Some recent lensatic compasses have square cases with ruler edges, bringing them closer to orienteering compasses. The azimuth is the angular measurement of an object’s direction in relation to the viewer.

How to Use a Bushnell Voyager Telescope. Fngineer is satisfying to do it in the field with a compass, of course, which will give you confidence in your skill.


The variation of the magnetic field in this case is enough to induce currents in land lines, such as telegraph circuits, and is always accompanied by large ionospheric disturbances.

Sometimes even a metal belt buckle can interfere with a compass, which can result in an incorrect reading. The Brunton is well adapted to field geology. The back azimuth is nothing more than the opposite direction of the reading you’re taking. Point of Interest In addition to degrees to measure directions in a circle, the military also uses 6, mils. The magnetism of ships has been used to detonate underwater mines, by detecting the disturbance of the geomagnetic field.

There should be an index mark above the dial aligned with these marks. The results are shown in the diagram. L ook through the sighting slot and find some target a tree, boulder, whatever that lines up with your sighting wire. Raise the compass up to your eye.

The perpendicular distance from the road to Antelope Hill is b sin A or a sin B, which gives ‘. She has been studying health and fitness issues for more than 10 years.

A typical lensatic compass is shown at the right from FM The regular diurnal variation, with a period of 24 hours, is associated with the daytime increase in ionization producing the ionospheric D layer, and with solar tides in the atmosphere.

If you examine the measurements of the field, on some days the records are smooth and only slowly varying. The currents causing the main field are deep within the earth, and vary only slowly and cyclically. To do this, we stop at road intersection and measure the bearings to the west peak of Antelope Hill, and to road intersection that is, along the road. Pick up your map and head out! How to Read an Engineer Compass.


Use the illustration above to familiarize yourself with the components of a lensatic compass. The whole dial rotates, and the magnetic needle is out of sight below it. So with that in mind, I’ll start a series of short articles that each focus on a single tip for getting the emgineer out of your compass.

Lensatic Compass Guide

This, in a nutshell, is how to perform a resection with a lensatic compass. Robin Reichert lenstaic a certified nutrition consultant, certified personal trainer and professional writer. An iron Flinder’s bar is one example.

Open the cover completely and pull back the rear sight. The only problem is that this process takes time and tools. To check your process, and even add a little more accuracy to it, find another feature and perform the same steps. The point where those lines cross is your location, and the accuracy of that location is only as high as the readings and calculations that you’ve made.