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EPRG framework: A firm having a presence in the global market has to decide the manner in which it will enter and operate there. Firms in the international. Different attitudes towards company’s involvement in international marketing process are called international marketing orientations. EPRG. EPRG Approach Aakash Kumar Gaurav Kataria Rahul Ujjainwal Ethnocentric Management orientation – Home country orientation.

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EPRG Framework – Management Study HQ

Once sufficient information is obtained about national market condition, target segment could be identified on a regional or global basis, and the appropriate strategies developed. A regiocentric orientation views different regions as different markets. Ethnocentric approach is suitable to small firms just entering international operations.

These orientatoin reflect the objectives of a company towards international operations and to lead to different management strategies and planning procedures. I am a mother orientatiin a lovely kid, and an avid fan technology, computing and management related topics.

One of the most striking trend in business, in recent years, has been growing internationalisation of business. The major drawback of this mind set is that it results in cultural short-sightedness and does not promote the best and brightest in a firm.

He states that businesses and their staff tend to operate in one of four ways:. The major disadvantage of this nature is it can restrict career mobility for both local as well as foreign nationals, neglect headquarters of foreign subsidiaries and it can orientatioon bring down the chances of achieving synergy. Overseas subsidiaries or offices in international markets are seen as less able and less important than the head office.


This approach appears most appropriate when overseas sales volume is insignificant compared to the total sales of the firm. If a return is submitted after the due epdg, the following consequences will be applicable: Every participating country is treated solely and individual strategies are carried out. There are no changes in product specification, price and promotion measures between native market and overseas markets.

In the present day Advance Tax refers to paying a part of your taxes before the end of the financial year. Polycentric will prove idle for firms orietation committed to international marketing and have capacity to invest to the desired extent towards achieving their objectives. In these companies, opportunities outside the home country are ignored.

What is an EPRG Framework in International Marketing?

On the incomes that they hav The benefit of this mind set is that it overcomes the shortage orientaiton qualified managers in the anchoring nations by migrating them from home countries. Enter your new password here. The business of the geocentric company is characterized by sufficiently distinctive national markets that the ethnocentric approach is unworkable, and where the importance of learning curve effects in marketing, production technology and management makes the polycentric philosophy substantially sub-optimal.

For example, Norway and Spain are both in Europe, but are very different in climate, culture, transport, retail distribution, and so on. International marketing is no longer remain only to the traditional technique of producing goods in one country and export to other countries, it includes movement of all factors of production, such as Raw materials, human skills, finance, machinery, technology etc. Geocentric approach encourages global marketing. Geocentric companies, as truly global players, view the world as a potential market, and seek to serve this effectively.


The suitability of EPRG orientation may differ not only from company to company but also from-j one marketing decision area to another within the same firm. A firm which plans to dprg international has to take a series of st The major advantages of this Type of orientation is that it entails minimum risk on the part of the firm.

This approach appears most appropriate when overseas sales volume is eprt in comparison to the total sales of the firm. It entails minimum risk on the part of the firm. The calculation of taxable income is done for elrg individual who is an Indian resident. Since this orientation implies global attitude to the development of marketing policies, it provides for improved coordination and control. These people or companies believe that the home country is superior.


Orientation towards international operations by a company, which eprh export market has no difference with domestic market and hence applies domestic market techniques with overseas market.

Orientation towards international operations by a company, which consider each market differ from other and hence applies different technique in different market. The environment of each market is considered while formulating the marketing strategy.