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Cruise to Mooloolaba – Renaissance (Schionning designed Waterline ) Schionning Waterline Boats For Sale. Keith DeLong Eric Owsley. Schionning who has penned some of the most elegant boats I’ve seen – and raced against with its builder, Eric Bruneel, and going through this monster, was. If Jef Schionning was an European it would be designing catamarans for the main production shipyards but it is an Australian, away from the.

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Interesting Sailboats: SCHIONNING CATS – THE ARROW

See the latest fotos in the gallery. The panels are foam core and are produced by infusion process on the site. I even found a building site about 15 minutes away. I first came across the Schionning Catamaran designs about 10 years ago.

I am still going for tillers. Anything from Schionning is great.

Can you give us an update on the labor hours you think will needed to complete the project. This cat looks amazingly good for a 12 m Catamaran and that is incredible since it was designed taking into account the easiest way of building a boat, dispensing all the curved surfaces and being all made with flat panels. Lombardini would have been my choice as well but yes, we are going hybrid … see how this works.

When we decided to build the Arrow the was the only available design. Also a connecting cross bar between tillers running aft of the main sheet for steering anywhere along the stern. We closed the left window of the main bulkhead and this is where the wheel is going to be installed.

Schionning Design launches G-Force ‘ZERO’ | Catamaran Racing, News & Design

TOM No pictures yet hulls only just starting Basically as in computer generated renderings from Schionning but extending the floor area at the helming position about 10cm forward and adding a short curved lip extending over the top transom step. Then simply lift the engine out. The ship weighs lightship. Our build will start probably in the middle of next year. All were made on scraps of paper and in the dust on the deck of the the cat being built before mine. It can be done within 15 minutes, and your engine is schlonning completely hanging in mid air, very easily serviced.


I had this option on my catamaran I owned years ago and I really liked it. You can also keep one spare parts kit that schionnibg everything. I too fell in love with Schionning designs the moment I saw them. This plus a Garmin Quatix controlled autopilot should do for all helming circumstances.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Do you know the Payload of this cat? Julia and Chris met on a class 40 ocean racer in the middle of the North Sea, sailing a race from Heligoland a tiny island off the German coast to Edinburgh.

Do you have pictures of your tillers installation and deck arrangement for solo handed please? Solosailor November 18, at 1: Have a look at this movie. Their designs fascinated me from the beginning on and they had a unique construction technique. So I asked Stephan from Balticat if he would help me erix yes, he does!

That really hit me! And the narrower hulls make the more sensitive to overload. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

We literally had to call it in from a phone booth with chickens running underneath our feet. This design represents a return to the origins in a sense that it is small, easy to build, not expensive cat and one I believe it is going to be a huge success.


Speed is not a reason, I believe the is fast enough. Let us introduce ourselves. Would you recommend the larger model? However, the building process with curved hulls seemed very complex. PDQ made their 36 ft catamaran this way for almost 20 years without a single safety incident.

Likewise if you loose one of your catamaran engines, you can drop your dingy engine in. I will also make use of a Garmin Quatix watch wirelessly connected to the autopilot.

The reason was they were struck by lightning and schionnlng completely destroyed their battery banks and their engines. Your blog is an inspiration to me.

who we are

It seems odd but the fact that Jef has not being so much pressed by production companies into designing what they think it would be a good mass schionninv cat, with its huge space and interior volume, probably has contributed for the maintenance of his basic philosophy through all his line: Did you finally weighted the boat?

They fell madly in love with each other and so it happened that Julia left her beloved London and her life there behind and moved to Germany to be with Chris. You can ruin the performance of any cat by overloading it. Incredibly reliable, easy to maintain, easy to repair, easy to replace.

Perhaps you should check it out. The tiller option sounds good, still, we will have a wheel where the port side window next to the entrance is supposed to be.

I know that in the early stages, you were mentioning schionninv.