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Error humano / Human Error (Spanish Edition) [Chuck Palahniuk] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Resumen y sinópsis de Error humano de Chuck Palahniuk. El mundo de Chuck Palahniuk siempre ha sido diferente. Los relatos de no ficción que componen. Find Error Humano by Palahniuk, Chuck at Biblio. Uncommonly good collectible and rare books from uncommonly good booksellers.

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I loved reading about the author’s life in ‘Personal’, his trials and tribulations, successes and failures. Lists with This Book. He doesn’t hold back. Thank you for getting back to me about Chuck Palahniuk”s books of short stories.

Error Humano / Stranger Than Fiction : Chuck Palahniuk :

Even folks like Marilyn Manson. A talent-fueled tale, followed by an even better one, tends to devalue the first. The Woman in the Window: Has Chuck Palahniuk written any other books consisting of short stories? I liked this book. Para luego adentra Son una serie de relatos e historias que abordan la vida de Chuck. You will like this book if you prefer understatement and no-sentimentality in presentation of the harsh and the painful and the noble, and if you prefer examples of the profane in the presentation of the mysterious and even the mystical.

He views everything in America as the following struggle: Mar 14, Mike Kazmierczak rated it liked it Shelves: There’s a melancholy tone to all of them – even the recounting of how the author dressed as a dalmation with a friend of his and ran around Seattle, just to see the reaction he’d get very nearly getting arrested just for being dressed as a dog. He took it beyond that, and talked about the way writers mine the world around them for material, to the point where sometimes they get so wrapped up in thinking about how they will turn this thing or that person into fodder for their latest story that they lose the ability to take life on its own terms.


BR Check in 3 24 27 Nov 21, I also loved the final one, which mostly pivoted around the murder of his father by some jealous lunatic ex-husband of a woman he had just started seeing. I really loved this essay. In a way, it’s a peace, an escape from sex.


You might see a hot woman and think grrrrrr, but your next egg white omelet or set of squats is a lot more attractive. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. His need efror make up things and spiderweb worlds overlaps his ability to tell it how it is.

Self-help books just aren’t my usual cup-of-tea. We fight our way to independence from our fellow human beings by pursuing whatever interest we have, and then we get there and find our I liked this book. I especially was fascinated by the one on American castle builders,and the essay on Amy Hempel gives some great leads.

So why then, if I was gaining some insight into my life, would I not want to continue? BR Check in 3. In Stranger than Fiction he still tells it.

Error Humano

These stories are all true I will admit I was a little bored by his demolition car story, and the testicle festival wasn’t my cup of tea, but the rest of the chapters? BR Check in 4. Refresh and try again. El libro se divide en tres: If you can get past that one, you’ll be fine.

Obviously, some are way better than others but these all were unique enough to stand out from each other. I determinined to finish with it already. But the Combine Harvester Demolition Derby – that’ll stay in my head for quite a long time to come. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. He’s lead quite the exciting life and we palahnniuk crave more.


Como Palahniuk, como todos.

It’s signature Palahniuk, acting as a gatekeeper of a story that will make a number of readers put the book down before they’ve gotten through the first few pages. We are not contaminated by his observations or despair.

It is at its best when relating other people’s stories, worst when it Palahniuk recording his own musings, which to me seemed as if he’s trying too hard, and personal stories, which are not generally strange but seem more the experiences of a person who doesn’t want to be well-adjusted, So it started out all right, but really crashed and burned in my opinion, maybe because I lost patience.

Time enough to start and finish several other books between chapters. Mostly, it’s his own eclectic experiences with family, friends, loss, steroids, shitty day-jobs, sickness, and writing that I found most fulfilling. In the intro to this book Chuck Palahniuk even admits that he is palahnjuk of a one trick pony. Some of the essays were so interesting and others made my eyes glaze over in boredom. Palahnniuk reason being that each story or article or piece is inevitably pitted against one another in terms of likeability, and by a law of averages palahniik ones swim while other sink.