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This article reviews potential anti-dengue activities from plants distributed . In the Philippines, Euphorbia hirta, known locally as “tawa–tawa”. Management of thrombocytopenia and flu-like symptoms in dengue patients with herbal water of Euphorbia hirta. Mir M, Khurshid R, Aftab R. BACKGROUND. PDF | Euphorbia hirta commonly known as Tawa-Tawa is a plant used in folklore medicine in the Philippines for the treatment of dengue.

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The number of use reports pertaining to symptoms of dengue and other diseases were tallied from 82 informants living in Anda Island, Mt. Ghosh, A novel approach for rationale selection of medicinal plants against viruses via molecular docking euphhorbia. It is a brown seaweed found naturally in Okinawa, Japan.

The methanolic extract of M. In recent years, the current dengue epidemic has become a focus of international public health awareness. View at Google Scholar J.

Potential anti-dengue medicinal plants: a review

It is an erect, fast-growing and unbranched tree or shrub indigenous to Central America and cultivated hirtw Mexico and most tropical countries for its edible fruits. There are limited ethnobotanical studies conducted in Luzon, the largest island in the Philippines. Global distribution of dengue fever Guangdong province in Uirta has become ddengue major area with reported cases of dengue [ 24 ].

Natural Travel Health Network and Centre. Euphorbia hirta is another plant used in folk medicine to cure dengue fever by people in rural areas of the Philippines [ 7 ]. Meristiella gelidium Meristiella gelidium belongs to family Solieriaceae. Similarly, in another study, the ethanol extract of E.

  EN 1515-4 PDF

The number of cases rose in following decade of — with 26, cases; however, the fatality rate was down to 0.

Potential Use of Euphorbia hirta for Dengue: A Systematic Review of Scientific Evidence

This study documents the anecdotal uses of E. While papaya leaf extract kills the bacterial infection that caused the fever, tawa—tawa extract prevents bleeding.

This indicates the potential of modulating the coagulation pathways. While traditional medicine offers a myriad of treatment alternatives, not only for dengue, but also for other diseases that contemporary medicine has not discovered a cure, there is still a need to subject these alternatives to rigorous study to ensure that they are safe and cost-effective.

J Med Plants Res 5 Andrographis paniculata Andrographis paniculata belongs to family Acanthaceae. Braz J Pharmacogn Three species from this family Tephrosia crassifoliaTephrosia madrensis and Tephrosia viridiflora were investigated [ 10 ].

According to the present survey, it is reiterated that the E. Since then, DHF has recorded major cases resulting in hospitalization and death among children in regions stretching from Asia to Africa and the Pacific [ 4 ]. In recent decades, the incidences of dengue have increased rapidly, currently reaching pandemic levels [ 3 ].

Euphorbia hirta – a possible cure for dengue

However, this may not ensure the protection from infection of all serotypes [ 7 ]. The questionnaire and the objectives of the study were euphrbia to each respondent, in either the Pangasinense or Ilocano dialect, whichever was appropriate.

For instance, 3 respondents in Mt. BMC Res Notes 4: Further purification of ethyl acetate fraction revealed the presence of 9 compounds.


Potential anti-dengue medicinal plants: a review

Herbarium specimens and photographs of the plants in their natural habitats were submitted to the Philippine National Herbarium for authentication.

On the other hand, the use of leaf sap and latex was founded from the belief that these exudates from plants belonging to the family Euphorbiaceae possess antibacterial and antiviral properties and finds great application as antiseptics in the treatment of wounds [ 13 ].

An interview of municipal denfue officers within the vicinities of the 3 sampling sites surveyed shows a high prevalence of dengue infections in Anda Island from January to March ofwith 36 reported cases, including 2 casualties that affected mostly children ages 2 years and above.

The water decoction of leaves from Euphorbia hirtasuphorbia known as gatas—gatas, is used in the Philippines as a folk medicine to treat DF [ 54 ].

Since this study has enrolled patients only during the initial 72 hours of illness, additional prospective cohort studies are warranted to establish the clinical utility of E. Particularly, the mechanisms of platelet increasing activity have to be identified. Possible mechanisms and pathways in the treatment of dengue There are currently no specific treatments for dengue fever [ 22 ].

Psidium guajava belongs to family Myrtaceae. Aqueous extract of H.

Aegypti [ 2069 ].