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The Pathwork of Self-Transformation by Eva Pierrakos Paperback $ the Lower Self (Pathwork Series) by Eva Broch Pierrakos Paperback $ Guide Lectures for Self-Transformation [Eva Pierrakos] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Book by Pierrakos, Eva. Eva Broch Pierrakos. “The gift of Eva Pierrakos’s Pathwork has been with me for twenty years. It is the the Lower Self (Pathwork Series) by Eva Broch Pierrakos Paperback $

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From the Pathwork’s perspective, the lower, unhealed parts of ourselves stand between ourselves and our Inmost Beings. If it helps to know, the link has now changed to: Before we can fully be free of these harmful, hurtful, immature responses we have to discover how we secretly enjoy them.

Those of us who believe humanity fell from Heaven may not consciously think all of these thoughts, but it is unlikely that such thoughts do not affect our lives and thought processes in some fashion. How can I know my soul age, pierrwkos, type, etc? Earthquakes, volcanoes and various kinds of natural disasters are all on the rise.

A poem to help you feel your emotions by Eva Broch Pierrakos

Eva realised that spiritual channelling was her life task. The task of the beings who remained one with God became one of rescuing their fallen brethren.

She never advertised, trusting that those who came would be guided to come. Your articles and replies to comments give much insight and clarity…. We can, therefore, use our childhood experiences and misconceptions as a first step towards understanding and healing the deeper afflictions of our soul.

I have been growing into the lectures for the last 3 years.

Unlike other sources that discuss everything under the sun, much of which has little or nothing to do with becoming better, happier people, the Guide Lectures are laser-like in their focus. Despair, depression, anxiety, guilt, confusion, anger, fear, denial. Therefore, as a rule I do not even like to talk much about all of this because the main thing for you is to learn to know your own soul and to develop spiritually.

We need God’s help especially in the form of Jesusbecause the journey to perfection is too difficult for any human being to tackle on their own. It is, therefore, not possible to overwhelm the unconscious with conscious efforts to force our lives into specific directions. Painful patterns, that repeat again and again in our lives, are proof that childish images are at work.


These are highly recommended: The lectures came to be known as “The Pathwork Guide Lectures” while the spirit entity, who never identified itself, came to be called “the Guide. The rboch that Jesus personally loves and cares for us is, however, difficult to come by. One visual concept which pierrskos be useful is that the higher sva divine self is largely encased by lower self material — often formed as a defense — and this is further encased by the mask self, how we wish the world to see us in our illusion that if we are seen this way, then we will be safe.

Our entire stance towards ourselves, towards others, towards our world, towards the creation, even towards God who somehow managed to create us imperfectlybecomes one of distrust, contempt and anger. What’s more, scientists the world over are noticing an increase in all kinds of geological activity. We also believe that our planet is passing through a time of profound change and are seeking to create a global community of like-minded people that can safely pass through pierrwkos changes may come our way and help give birth to a new way of life on our planet.

What is the origin and btoch of life? It is a dream, a nightmare really, peopled by legions of souls who rejected God and trapped themselves in hells of their own making.

As of now, the two original Pathwork Centers still exist, along with numerous study groups, centers, and affiliates around the United States and other parts of the world. We find our own way, step by step, through our own personality towards ever greater spirituality. Look for repeating patterns. Since this Special Report was written, in February ofwe’ve taken an in depth look at Jesus that critically explores many of the ideas commonly promoted about him. It is our belief that the days of obscurity and confusion are nearing an end.

Identify the way or ways you came up with, as a child, to cope with these painful experiences. Eva Pierrakos was by all accounts a beautiful, intelligent, sensual and spirited woman. If they are not in agreement, our life experiences will tend to swing back and forth, up and down, between the mixed messages our conscious and unconscious selves are continuously imprinting on our lives.


A list of names, addresses, and resources appears at the end of this report. We need to accept full responsibility for ourselves and our problems; 2. In addition, there are no short cuts.

The Pathwork Teachings – Personality & Spirituality

On the other hand, the Guide warned that the path it offered was not an easy one. What happens after our last reincarnation? Especially the encasement and masks mentioned by Gene Humphrey above. In any case, there is enough confusion to express concern.

I found your site last night via a google search what else?! Since that time her work has been carried on by her students and here new Pathwork Centers have opened up not only in North America but also Europe, Africa, South America, and Australia. First of all, the Guide said that the material it presented did not require those who read it to believe in it. In Eva met the psychiatrist John C. We need to accept full responsibility for ourselves and our problems.

International Pathwork Foundation on Facebook. As I mentioned earlier, the source of these lectures does not ask us to believe what it says is true. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Yesterday I was feeling a bit overwhelmed but now I feel blessed and empowered to continue my life work: Until these lower aspects of ourselves have been transformed, the way to our Inmost Being will always be blocked. With open-mindedness and a desire to truly see the truth about yourself, sincerely compare your list with theirs. They were channelled in the s, 60s and 70s by a woman called Eva Pierrakos, and are attributed to an entity known only as the Guide.

Search for more mature ways to see, handle, and put an end to the painful situations you have created.