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“Here to Help” is a support column written especially for Formstack’s awesome, loyal customers. So you’ve created a form with the Formstack. Watch how to manage form data and export or share it within the Formstack application. Formstack’s Advanced PDFs tool lets you personalize the look of your exported PDFs, customize shown fields, and easily share edited files with others.

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Migrating form data from FormStack « Gravity Support Forums

Andy 4 1 2. Ease of use; Ability to change quickly and in realtime; Mobile functionality; Reporting able to generate multiple formats.

Government Administration, employees. We love to see happy clients and appreciate the eport review. It is easy to use for the most part and the forms look nice.

Sign up using Exporf. This came from a frustration in the lack of functionality in list creation, updating, and note creation with Salesforce, none of which worked well at a high level within formstack.

There isnt much we dont like, it works great for us. We switched from Wufoo and haven’t looked back. This article may help with your self-tallying forms concern: Formstack has a direct integration with WebMerge and you can use web hooks from other services to automatically send data to create your PDFs. We use Formstack for Hiring managers to input employee info, we also use it for simple things like filling out what you want when lunch is hosted. Here is some information you might find helpful: All support issues will be handled via email using our support ticket system.


We still use it for complex logic based forms immensely. I then had the same issues with Paypal.

Entries are form specific and your FormStack form may not match up exactly to your Gravity Form. I think the back end is a challenge, until you have a chance to really figure it out. Thank you for leaving us a review! We appreciate you taking time out of your day to leave us such a wonderful review.

Formstack + WP All Export Pro Integrations

This is a comment, not an answer. Slightly more difficult to use than wufoo, but faster once you get the hang of it. I sent your review over to our Director of Customer Care. Pretty good product at a good price. Formstack is a versatile online form builder that enables you to build and design web forms without any coding knowledge.

Without knowing which CRM you are using, you can always reach out to our excellent Support team if you should need some additional help by submitting a support ticket here: It can be integrated to many apps i already use. You can also use this to string together steps in a process: Thank you for taking the time to review our Formstack for Salesforce app. Please feel free to send any app recommendations here: She had a meeting with all of the support team leads to go over your experience.

Formstack has been great to integrate all of our company’s internal forms. Formstack has freed my time up for other projects! For example, you can use Formstack to create a contact form that lets a prospect choose what type of service they are interested in. I’ve been happy with it. We use Formstack every day and we love it! Good starting form management. Easy Custom Form Plug In. Feel free to make your own form templates with your brand’s colors to really visualize how the forms could look and function.


Formstack Reviews and Pricing –

They continued to insist that the issue was with Paypal. Simple and effective survey tool. There are a lot of field types that make it easy to construct complex forms and workflows.

We use this software for a quick registration option on our event webpage. She said she would really like to chat with you, on a call, and give you two months for free if you’d be at all interested, just to ensure you can get up and running again.

Very user-friendly and easy to create forms and surveys as you wish. I trained myself on how to use forms. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled.

We love seeing happy clients! So many options to choose from and can customize any type of forms. It’s true that our updated Dashboard no longer has the big picture stats, as those stats represented the combined data of all of your forms, and we felt this was an outdated way to view performance.

Our team who used this software constantly received Error: Unfortunately, we don’t have a ready-made solution to your problem. We truly haven’t found any negatives with the software.

Very easy to use, you just have to drag and drop the fields you need in your form.