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Hey guys! Thought I should share my thoughts on this BEAUTIFUL book about independence drumming. I know that on my posts about which. Cutting-edge techniques to master 4-limb independence from German drum sensation Marco Minnemann. His method will dramatically increase independence. drummer Marco Minnemann: Beyond Chops His challenging instructional books (Extreme Interdependence, Ultimate Play-Along, and the latest, Maximum .

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All of that became the first chapter of this new technique.

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I never intended to mihnemann any books or try to influence a new generation of drummers with this concept. Miguel – Azorean Islands Portugal Posts: I am still in the Warm Up exercises. Yeah it looks great. It really makes your mind work harder because you have to break down the pieces of this “machine” we call independence with the FOUR limbs of course, and then put them back together. How long has it taken you to really feel comfortable with the majority of your interdependence techniques?

One of the guys came into the room to see who was playing. I really sounded bad at first. And new ideas keep coming and coming and I’m being able to execute them with less difficulty than before.

Nothing in the world can buy that or replace it. I am not having any problems at all with the Hands or the Feet when played separately and many of the warm up exercises feel very natural to me. Why did it take so ijterdependence Originally Posted by diosdude.

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I am having better luck working the patterns with all the parts together. Seems like it would offer more control and independence in the long run Find all posts by Anduin. October 02, Anyone else have anything to say on this? I remember doing a session with the band H-BlockX, and during the breaks I started practicing a paradiddle on the right side and a ratamacue on the left.

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I do not have Marco’s book, but have been working on my own ideas along these lines. Find all posts by h3r3tic. Find all posts by FunkyJazzer. I know that on my posts about which book would I suggest would usually be the first one that I advise form some time is Marco Minnemann’s Extreme Interdependence book.

BUT after each exercise you become more and more aware about the key to independence. There are a few though that are really bending my brain When I put them together, should I be thinking about the feet as an ostinato and work on laying the hands over it, OR I was very patient with myself because I really wanted to achieve this goal.

C – Canada my native land when I was there spending my vacations. For example, I would play the foot pattern and then add the ride cymbal part and then add the snare part.

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Marco Minnemann: Beyond Chops

Interdependenc combinations led to very interesting modulations in the rhythm. But his real magic is that he makes even the most complicated rhythms sound and feel as smooth and relaxed as his emotionally driven, rock-solid, basic grooves.

Does it become more of a spectacle than an educational event?

Miguel in the middle of September and started practicing the book. Send a private message to h3r3tic. When I began to get it, the feeling was amazing.

So I know that the next chapters will help me more not only in my independence but my creativity as well. I like to add or subtract the parts at will.

Drummer Cafe Forum – Marco Minnemann – Extreme Interdependence

I remember this began in between tours, while I was in Spain. For the first couple of years, I sounded really stiff.

This technique was developed to be fun and challenging, not designed for us to challenge each other like some type of athletic competition. Will be used according to our Privacy Policy.