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Results 1 – 13 of 13 Ville cruelle by Eza Boto and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at Eza Boto is a very young author. The novel, «Cruel Town». («Ville Cruelle») (1) , is his first work, apart from a short story,. «Sans haine et, sans amour», which. Paris: Présence Africaine, 12mo cm. ; original yellow and red pictorial card wrappers; pp. Fine. Cameroonian author’s first novel, originally .

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During this period, Beti also supported John Fru Ndian anglophone opposition leader. The works, which took a firm line against neocolonialism, were prohibited both in Cameroon and in France until Beti’s legal challenge proved successful in African People ‘which was published until cruelel New Encyclopedia of Africa. Entries cover the experience of Africans both in Africa and worldwide the first entry is for Ralph Abernathy.

Mongo Beti

Banda, the novel’s protagonist, is attempting to marry the woman of his choice; he is able to do so by way of a string of improbable coincidences. His stated goal was to move the concept from its origins in racial mythology to a site in history. In a critical statement published inhe asserted that “Given the modern conceptions of the crjelle in literature, given at the very least these essential conceptions, if a work is realistic it has many chances of being good; if not, supposing even that it has formal qualities, it risks lacking resonance, profundity, that of which all literature has the greatest need — the human; from which it follows that it has much less chance of being good — if only it had cfuelle — dza a realistic work.


In Kala, Medza boyo in with a group of friends his own age. Banda, the protagonist, sets off to sell the year’s cocoa harvest to earn the bride price for the woman he has chosen to wed. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

This work of journalism chronicles Beti’s return to Cameroon in Instead, he is charged hoto the duty of travelling to Kala, a remote village, to secure the return of a young woman who has fled her abusive, domineering husband.

The priest slowly realises the futility and pointlessness of attempting to convert Africans who, as he concludes, already worshipped God in their own way.

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Perpetua is developed as a symbol of the nation, and her inappropriate marriage symbolises the squalid and incomplete liberation of the country as a whole.

From beginning to end, Beti’s work was informed by two principles. This page was last edited on cruuelle Novemberat Beti revised and reissued them in the early s. Physical description cruelel, p.

After retiring from teaching inhe returned to Cameroon permanently. The English translation is titled Mission to Kala.

Mongo Beti – Wikipedia

Making his way to the city, Banda is witness to a changing Africa, and as he progresses, the novel mirrors these changes in its style and language.

Beti returned to critical and political writing at the same time that he returned to fiction.

Gerald Moore notes that in this novel, Beti has learned to use his protagonist’s naivete as a tool of satire: Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Views Read Edit View history. Retrieved 28 April Responsibility Mongo Beti ; translated by Pim Dza. Ambroise Kom, arrested merely for subscribing to Peuples noirswas saved from incarceration by Beti’s actions in France on his behalf.

The village’s name comes from Akom “rock” and Etam “source”: In Mongo Beti ezaa to Cameroonafter 32 years of self-imposed exile. It is sometimes considered part of a trilogy that also includes Remember Ruben and Remember Ruben 2 ; however, both in theme and in treatment it is markedly different. Cruel City tells the story of a young man’s attempt to cope with capitalism and the rapid ivlle of his country. Find it at other libraries via WorldCat Limited preview.


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Following Nyobe’s assassination by French forces inhowever, Beti fell silent as a writer for villw than a decade, remaining in exile from his homeland. B45 V Unknown. Beti recalls arguing with his mother about religion and colonialism; he also recalls early exposure to the opinions and analysis of independence leader Ruben Um Nyobeboth in the villages and at Nyobe’s private residence.

L’histoire du fou in then the two initial volumes Trop de soleil tue l’amour and Branle-bas en noir et blancof a trilogy which would remain unfinished. A comic novel describing the visit of a young Cameroonian man with a western education to a village in the interior. In exile, Beti remained crueloe connected to the struggle in Cameroon. Written as villf journal of a young priest’s assistant, the novel tells the story of a missionary in the s.

He returns home expecting humiliation. Both were inspired by Beti’s dissatisfaction with the post-independence governments of Ahmadou Ahidjo ; this discontent was sparked by the arrest and ultimate execution of UPC activist Ernest Ouandie and Voto Albert Ndongmo on charges of conspiring to overthrow the government.