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FAISAL–WEIZMANN AGREEMENTS Signed in London, 3 January , between Amir Faisal I ibn Hussein (“representing and acting on behalf of the Arab. Signed on January 3rd, , the Faisal-Weizmann Agreement was an agreement between Jews and Arabs who both wished to set up their. The Faisal–Weizmann Agreement was signed on 3 January , by Emir Faisal (son of the King of Hejaz), who was for a short time King of the Arab Kingdom.

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Herbert Samuel, Zionism and the Palestinians, — In the West the Mediterranean Sea. The Zionist Organization will place the aforementioned Commission at the disposal of the Arab State for the purpose of a survey of the economic possibilities of the Arab State and to report upon the best means for its development.

In the South a frontier to be agreed upon with the Egyptian Government.

Then Came the Faisal-Weizmann Agreement | Avi Benlolo | The Blogs

All necessary measures shall be agreeement to encourage and stimulate immigration of Jews into Palestine on a large scale, and as quickly as possible to settle Jewish immigrants upon the land through closer settlement and intensive cultivation of the soil.

Assassination of Hayim Arlosoroff. In the South a frontier to be agreed upon with the Egyptian Government.

Smith has argued that both Friedman and Kedourie misrepresent documents and violate scholarly standards in order weizmannn reach their conclusions. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I think he was, and this agreement was never pressed.

But I warrant you that your surprise will disappear when I tell you that I did not sign the agreement before I stipulated in writing that my agreement to sign it was conditional on the acceptance by the British government of a previous note that I had presented to the Foreign Office… [This note] contained the demand for the independence of the Arab lands in Asia, starting from a line that begins in the north at Alexandretta-Diyarbakir and reaching the Indian Ocean in the south.


Le Matin in French.

In Mayelections were held for the Syrian National Congress. A re-examination with documents.

ARTICLE V No regulation nor law shall be made prohibiting or interfering in any way with the free exercise of religion; and further the free exercise and enjoyment of religious profession and worship without discrimination or preference shell forever be allowed. Article V No regulation afisal law shall be made prohibiting or interfering in any way with the free exercise of religion; and further, the free exercise and enjoyment of religious profession and worship, without discrimination or preference, shall forever be allowed.

Faisal-Weizmann Agreement Is Signed

George Antonius ‘s translation in included Article 7 as follows: Share on Facebook Twitter Google Plus. Georgina Howell,Gertrude Bell: Key documents of Mandatory Palestine.

The two main branches of the Semitic family, Arabs and Jews, understand one another, and I hope that as a result of interchange of ideas at the Peace Conference, which will be guided by ideals of self-determination and nationality, each nation will make definite progress towards the realization of its aspirations.

Footage of General Allenby Entering Jerusalem. Faisal was not explicitly authorised by his father to enter into such an agreement, with his instructions from his father limited to the requirement that he accept only fulfilment of the previous British promises for Arab independence; [e] the caveat was added as a result. Chaim Weizmann, representing and acting on behalf of the Zionist Organization, mindful of the racial kinship and ancient bonds existing between the Arabs and the Jewish people, and realizing that the surest means of working out the consummation of their natural aspirations is through the closest possible collaboration in the development of the Arab State and Palestine, and being desirous further of confirming the good understanding which exists between them, have agreed upon the following:.


Part of a series on the Israeli—Palestinian conflict. Acting on behalf of the Sharif of Mecca and the Zionist Organization respectively, Faisal and Weizmann aimed to solve the growing tensions between the Zionist and Arab national movements that were each promised Ottoman lands by the British.

Still, as we commemorate the centenary of the Balfour Declaration and agreements which followed, Jewish historical right to the land of Israel is Sacrosanct. The authenticity of the agreement was challenged by some Arabs during the s when Zionist leaders sought to gain propaganda advantage by publishing the text. The Arab countries are all independent, and therefore the condition on which depended the fulfillment of this treaty, has come into effect.

Views Read Edit View history. The Arab State and Palestine in all their relations and undertakings shall be controlled by the most cordial goodwill and understanding and to this end Arab and Jewish duly accredited agents shall be established and maintained in their respective territories.

Pre-State Israel: The Weizmann-Faisal Agreement

Given under our hand at London, England, the third day of January, one thousand nine hundred and nineteen. I assert that with the Jews who have been seated for some generations in Palestine our relations are excellent. Thu, Jul 17th, No religious test shall ever be required for the exercise of civil or religious rights.