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Fidelio. Opera in two acts, by L. van Beethoven. [Libretto by Joseph von Sonnleithner]. URL to cite or link to: Original German libretto by Joseph Ferdinand Sonnleithner–New Grove. Book/ Printed Material Fidelio (). Libretto. Libretto. English Leonore / Constancy. Title: Fidelio (). Libretto. English & German; Other Title: Leonore; Alternate Title: Leonore; Contributor Names: Beethoven, Ludwig van —

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Its initial failure, owed in part to the French occupation of Vienna at the time, led to an immediate revision, with the version finding greater continuing favour. The others whisper to themselves, This is no place for joy and pleasure. Was hast du vor in wildem Grimme? Take this, old man: How soon might my happiness be complete, if my father were not against our union.

Fidelio is shaken; Rocco tries to discourage Fidelio from coming, but Fidelio insists. Ich kann es wagen.

BOTH Oh what boundless happiness! As the boy Fidelio, she earns the favor of her employer, Rocco, and also the affections of his daughter Marzelline, much to Jaquino’s chagrin.

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O welche Lust in freier Luft Den Athem einzuheben! You, noble lady alone, You have the right to make him wholly free.


Es sind ihrer aber gar zu viele in dieser Festung. She loves me, it is clear, My sufferings never end. Nun, meine Kinder, Ihr habt Euch doch herzlich lieb, nicht wahr? No, it is the music, it is Beethoven himself. He speaks of death and wounds! The increasingly deaf Beethoven led the performance, “assisted” by Michael Umlaufwho later performed the same task for Beethoven at the premiere of the Ninth Symphony.

Was verlangt Ihr denn von mir?

You are trembling, are you afraid? A libbretto, young and good, Happy they will be. Marcellina enters from the House followed by Jacquino. Fidelko people in our position, it is best to know as few secrets as possible.

The marriage and that you help me, he will permit; Today already I shall lead you down into the dungeon. Euch werde Lohn sans deviner qui elle est. Leonora, although pained at this, felt obliged to encourage the love of the girl, for the sake of her influence over the father; and they together so far prevailed upon him, that he consented to allow Fidelio to go to the more secret portions of the prison.


Fidelio | Grove Music

She carries a basket with provisions, and on her arm fetters, which she deposits on the ground. You give the signal! Wo eilst du hin? Death only reigns down here.

Bouilly’s scenario fits Beethoven’s aesthetic and political outlook: Rocco und Leonore steigen in seinen Kerker hinab und beginnen, das Grab auszuheben Nur hurtig fort, nur frisch gegraben. Yes, signor; and if she will not love me, she shall at least marry me; and I—. This section needs additional citations for verification.

Fidelio – Fidelio

I cannot but feel for poor Jacquino. Sie vermutet ihren Gatten unter ihnen.

Sie haften mir mit Ihrem Kopf. But if in the pockets it tinkles and rolls, The fate you will have at your mercy, And gold will provide you with power and love, Will still your boldest desires.

The role of Pizarro was taken by Johann Michael Voglwho later became known for fidelko collaborations with Schubert. Traurig schleppt sich fort das Leben; Mancher Kummer stellt sich ein.