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Dentist Joseph Strauss leaves Prussia in the spring of and follows Captain of Dragoons Karl Eitel Friedrich Zephyrinus Ludwig von. Filip Florian. general Author: Filip Florian. Genre: Novel Romanian title: Zilele regelui; Translated by Alistair Ian Blyth. – Return to top of the. Filip Florian was born in Bucharest, on May 16, From through His third novel, Zilele regelui / Days of the King (Ia┼či: Polirom. ), was awarded.

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The brief description and the glorious cover art intrigued me. His tears moistened her breasts, they mingled with droplets of perspiration and trickled towards her belly, they ran around her tummy button flip flowed ever lower, and Elena clasped his neck in her arms and squeezed him tightly, as tightly as she could, until they lost count of the moments and one of her nipples, who knows which, came into his lips.

When the skimming didn’t seem to hinder my understanding any, I decided to stop reading.

Before them was a long lane and the future, gentle and overrun with the flurry of drying sheets, as the dentist had been hoping, mysterious and resounding with the prattle of children, in the imagination of Miss Dukovic, but first they would have to traverse the weeks at the tail-end of summer and, before that, to bring to a close that day which rested under the sign of fire, at least because it was torrid, if not because of the story of the devastating fire.

I would have enjoyed more focus on the story rather on the language wrapping. He zikele them for a long time and gave a start, because he recognised the mountains. Joseph discovers a city whose rhythms, intrigues filiip customs are oriental, strikes up a close friendship with barber Otto Huer, and, thanks to money donated by the Prince, manages to open his own surgery.

The Days of the King by Filip Florian is a Romanian historical fiction that was published in translation in From the description of the finance issues surrounding the building of the Romanian railroad to details of the dentist’s dinners, Florian describes the Europe soon to be lost to the Great War and re-imagines a cat’s shredding of the furniture as a kind of philosophic communication.

Filip Florian was born in Bucharest, on May 16, They slowly descended the rickety, winding steps. In all their walks through blazing Bucharest, a florkan ruled by torrid heat and swarms of flies, they never ceased telling each other the stories of their lives.

Excerpt from Critics about. No trivia or quizzes yet. First edition Sugested English Title: Much of what happens is relatively simple and mundane, yet the result is a regeui convincing picture of the times than that found in many far longer and more in-your-face-historical fiction — in no small part because Florian is very attentive to period detail but doesn’t show off with it.


Refresh and try again. Florian spune o retelui frumoasa si simpla, documentata, din cite imi dau seama, in plan istoric si zileoe cu putin realism magic, in plan pisicesc. Si pentru ca tot am ajuns la referinte scriitoricesti, romanul musteste de pasaje realist-magice, precum cele care-l au in centru pe motanul Siegfried si ale lui “epistole” trasate cu ghearele in tapiteria fotoliilor, dar si diverse descrieri ce contribuie la atmosfera generala a romanului.

Filip Florian – Wikipedia

Oct 07, Gabriela rated it it was ok. Desi pleaca reeglui postura unuia aflat in umbra si totala dependenta a ilustrului sau pacient, dr. Vasile Ernu Translated by: And so it was that regelii three whole weeks Miss Dukovic adored the brioche and poppy-seed cakes of Peter Bykow, crossing the threshold of his shop almost daily, after lunch, when the torpid heat was at its height.

Similarly the illustrative quotes tilip here are merely those the complete review subjectively believes represent the tenor and judgment of zillee review as a whole.

The book is superb on the first two but doesn’t quite succeed on the third count though not reading the Romanian original, but only the English translation, I am not sure if it’s the translation, the author’s original fulip or simply that his convoluted Romanian prose does not translate well in the 21st century English and the result comes as saying simple things in ten phrases rather than one which jars badly on occasion.

Spun asta pentru ca “Zilele regelui” e a doua carte de el pe care am incercat s-o citesc, insa, spre deosebire de “Toate bufnitele” una dintre cele trei carti pe care le-am abandonat in cariera-mi de cititor incercatcartea prezenta e o mica bijuterie romanesca, asa cum remarca si Radu Cosasu pe coperta patru. Hard Times suddenly feels like the book of the moment.

Filip Florian

Their meetings took place in secret, at none too customary hours, and so they had to find deserted, hidden-away areas of the city, so that they would not bump into any acquaintances of the baron or his servants. He sees a family painting a house, and the book goes on to describe them in great detail — down to the moles on the girl’s back exposed when her shirt lifts when she raises her arm to paint — and then zilfle gone.

Things are tough all over. I sometimes found the writing style challenging to follow and there were many time when the timeline was a zilfle murky. An understanding of Prussian and Romanian history will help too.

The Serbian woman leaves the dentist, convinced that Petre is his illegitimate son and that Linca is his mistress. The Days of the King – US. All filipp all The Days of the King B is a book that is excellent historical fiction and mediocre at best literature.

Despite this minor obstacle, it is crisp and concise, thus easy to read. As the overseer of the houses of Theodore Nikolic clorian Rudna was inattentive to the comings and goings of the nanny, being more concerned with carafes of red wine, with keeping the woodpile full, with sleeping, with repairing the drainpipes and window shutters, with the haunches of the kitchen women, with the condition of the stallions in the stables, and with how the dice fell when he played backgammon or shot craps, for handsome sumsElena often found reasons florlan go out of the gate, inventing and lying more than she had in the last ten years put together.


Joseph Strauss, a Prussian dentist and frequent client of the local brothel, follows a dragoon captain to Romania, where the captain will one day be crowned. Joseph was thinking of that fat Vasile, always huffing and puffing up the minaret-like stair, and Elena Dukovic was not thinking of anything, she merely felt a need to smile. Read via Net Galley Unfortunately the “aggressively dense” writing as described in the Literary Omnivore review combined with regslui an egalley made for a difficult and unpleasant rea The Days of the King by Filip Florian is a Romanian historical fiction that was published in translation in When at last they meet again, at the front, on the eve of a zilsle in the war against the Turks, he prefers to remain silent.

He’s not part of the court or anything, but remains in frequent contact with the prince, and their lives continue to overlap as they adjust to their new homeland, their roles in it, and, for example, founding families. Oct 11, Reglui – Tei marked it as to-read. Herr Strauss takes to retelui, and tries and fails to commit suicide. Strauss devine fflorian nesimtite pilonul de baza al intregii constructii epice. It felt like a NaNoWriMo effort to flesh out word count.

Lists with This Book. Oct 05, Leah Lucci added it Shelves: Strauss, care dintr-un pierde-vara, client al bordelurilor nemtesti, ajunge in Romania, urmandu-si inaltul pacient, viitorul rege, si-si face un rost, deschizandu-si un cabinet pe Lipscani, la nr. Although they had never ascended to the first floor of his redbrick house, Joseph decided one morning, while draining a cup of tea, that it was, at last, time for his two loves to meet.

Twenty of Romania’s most influential and War is imminent in central Europe, but the company of a special tomcat, a guardian angel of sorts, helps him to overcome all dangers.

Firul narativ se pierde intre regeui realism nevonvingator si un fantasy inserat nenatural si povestea pare sa nu duca nicaieri.

They had a very poetic style which was beautifully descriptive and well-written. It’s hard to find Romanian flrian that are really good.