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Firms of Endearment. How World-Class Companies Profit from. Passion and Purpose. Second Edition. Raj Sisodia. Jag Sheth. David Wolfe. Identifying Firms of Endearment. Here is how we identified the companies featured in this book. Our process can be described as “organic and. The authors of Firms of Endearment: How World-Class Companies Profit from Passion and Purpose, 2nd Edition introduce their book, which.

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We also probed for vulnerabilities, asking questions such as these: If any book is going to launch a Fims Capitalism of Caring, it is this book that redefines great companies as endearmenf value builders, not just shareholder agents. Sep 15, Nicole rated it it was amazing Shelves: Pink wrote enthusiastically about society moving from the more rational perspectives commonly associated with the left brain to the more emotional, intuitive perspectives usually associated with the right brain.

Scores of communities fell into economic disrepair as companies abandoned them for venues promising lower operating costs.

Furthermore, this dominant story suggests that businesspeople are greedy and self-interested. Here is a sampling:.

Sprawling slums filled with the carcasses of abandoned factories became unwelcoming neighborhoods. The culture of love nurtured by FoE Costco co-founder Jim Sinegal protects shareholders against ill-taken management decisions based on the demands of Wall Street analysts who would have Costco pay employees less, pare back their benefits, and charge customers more. Looking back hundreds of years—thousands of years, say some1—this new era may be unmatched in the scale of its effect on humankind.

Firms of Endearment: How World-Class Companies Profit from Passion and Purpose

The message of this book is clear and simple: The book argues that we are entering a new age of lf where the zeitgeist of society due to its aging majority of adults over 40 now is moving towards a higher calling of giving back to society and moving beyond the drive for more individual materialistic gain.


In this book, we provide some measure of that scale by profiling companies that have broadened their purpose beyond the creation of shareholder rirms to act as agents for the larger good.

That these two epochal events in human history occurred in the same year is an extraordinary historic coincidence. Business is by far the greatest value creator in the world.

To put this in a business context, in exclusionary left brain thinking, stakeholders are relegated to categories. And great industries created the modern consumer economy. Endearjent a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Check out the new rules 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Build a high-performance business on love It can be done.

Check out ffirms management experts have to say about the book. Low pricing wins a segment of the market and always will, but I can’t think of a widely admired firm that has achieved substantial “share of heart” when focused on making money over creating affinity with stakeholders. Tom rated it it was amazing Oct 04, And, hopefully it will cause you to ask questions about your own purpose, both in terms of your company and your individual situations.

Firms of Endearment | Second Edition

However, the term signified an emotionally barren, largely impersonal and quantitative view of customers. It dramatically changed how people interact with each other, democratized information flow, and forced companies to operate oof far greater transparency.

Childbirth and childhood deaths became rarities. Something similar could be happening today—that ffirms, the rapid growth of an aging population is altering the zeitgeist of society, driving humankind toward higher states of cultural development. Brad Bush rated it it was amazing Apr 17, These six senses are design, story, symphony, empathy, play, and meaning. Love, Fiems, Authenticity, and Soul: When each project was completed by its assigned team, the other research teams assessed the results to gauge the extent to which a company qualified as a company loved by its stakeholders that is, was qualified to be called a firm of endearment.


It celebrates the confluence of humanistic values and business success. But the times they are endearemnt, as Bob Dylan sang in the s. The content is well structured and clearly showcases the authors argument that business which are more evolved and self actualized tend to out perform the market greatly. The pro-business argument was simple: The Age of Transcendence signifies a cultural watershed in which the physical materialistic influences that dominated culture in the twentieth century ebb while metaphysical experiential influences become stronger.

The strategies that o a business successful are or an abrupt about-face, according to these authors — two business-school marketing professors and one renowned trends expert. It is a vision that transcends the narrower perspectives of most companies in the past, rising to embrace the common welfare in its concerns.

All logos are copyright of the companies. No stakeholder group benefits at the expense of any other stakeholder group, and each prospers as the others do.