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The flamenco guitar tremolo technique is done slightly differently than the traditional p-a-m-i classical guitar tremolo, in a sense that the traditional flamenco . This is a Classical/Flamenco tremolo forum at strike with the thumb. Ok, let me post a little exercise that helped me learn. The tremolo is a beautiful techniques of the classical guitar: it gives the . exercises is to perform a chromatic scale by applying the tremolo.

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Increasing the speed too much too soon usually results in practicing the tremolo unevenly or with poor technique large finger or thumb movements, fingernail clicks, poor thumb preparation, etc. Planting may be done in three ways:. But I was just saying withing my 3 years of playing, I can temolo quite accurate.

A guitarist should be able to develop an excellent tremolo in six months to one year if they practice at it for thirty to sixty minutes every day. I tell myself not to follow through at all with my finger stroke. She understood my point but thought her pattern felt tremoko natural to play. This negates any progress you made at the slower speeds.

As you say, that flow of the fingers is what needs to be perfected. I tried that by starting with the count of 5 and then exegcises for i, 2 for a, 3 for m and 4 for i and 5 for the missing thumb. Remember, never begin at too fast a starting speed that could produce tension in the hand or fingers.

No person can really say how long it will take them to learn a technique, its a on goin practice and you can really put a timer on it. Most players can tell if their tremolo is off. Thumb-index exercises, Thumb-index studies 4.


The other school says the thumb should play rest stroke whenever possible because planting provides stability to the hand. Organised into five volumes, is aimed at exercisrs students about to begin their studies, and to all those who may have learned without real coherency and who may have some faults to correct. I think a good tremolo technique encompasses these elements: A4 Format 76 pages. I prefer to find a hand position for a student that produces not only mechanical efficiency, but produces a beautiful tone.

Guitar Tremolo Picking Exercises

Usually the fingers will be loudest because they usually play the melody. It is not to be played as a monotone mechanical exercise.

The steady pace and run cleaning are basic: Tremolo I would like to know more in detail what the approach would be in executing tremolo. Below, in example 16 is an illustration of the slow-fast practice technique. This is precision work. Excessive follow through results in the thumb having to scramble to return to position resulting in swatting motions.

If the metronome is set to 80, first you would play 3 notes per beat, then 4 notes per beat, 5 notes per beat, and so on. There are four notes per group: The 3-finger tremolo is almost back to normal, but the 4-finger tremolo that I love is still far from accurate.

Although I enthusiastically recommend the Transcribe! I spoke with the outstanding guitarist, Ana Vidovic about her tremolo.

Therefore, when practicing any of the tremolo exercisse in this article, it is important to train the thumb to play quietly. Starting from the beginning, at a snail’s pace, what would be the estimated time to recognize the correct sound? Ok, here are some tips that helped me: In regular classical tremelo, you are basically galloping your three finger starting. I think a good tremolo technique encompasses these elements:.


Guitar Tremolo Picking Exercises | Hub Guitar

Tor in a company network: Slur exercises, Slur studies 9. I will speak more about mastering this pattern later in the article. String Skipping for Lead Guitar. The only part I dont understand you is the 3, 4 string deal. What do you mean? It is also important so the thumb can play with fpamenco effort with small movements. Compas 1 to 6 III. She just did it, it worked, and she has used it ever since.

Flamenco, as far as I know, has been labeled as 4-finger tremolo only because of the 4 times you hit the treble–not by actually using four different fingers!

After trying fkamenco single-string tremolo, try similar exercises with the fingers still playing the second string but with the thumb playing other strings, again practicing very slowly at first and then speeding up. They offer a day free trial.

However, placing the wrist in this position tends to make the fingers strike the strings straight on to the fingernails producing a brighter and thinner tone. Read this first how to navigate PDFs I used to record myself on a reel-to-reel tape deck and then play it back at half speed to figure out where the unevenness in my tremolo was.