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Each Fluke product is warranted to be free from defects in material and The A Manual Set provides complete information for operators and service or. Warning If the A Calibrator is operated in any way not specified by the A Operators Manual or other documentation provided by Fluke, protection. View and Download FLUKE A operator’s manual online. Multi-Product Calibrator. A Test Equipment pdf manual download.

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Remove the top cover. The floor adder is improved to 0.

The trigger signal is also generated on the A50 board. Adjust the dc offset on the IB so the last ns of the peak of the square wave is on the center line. Now adjust R57 until this first ledge is on the horizontal center line.

A Operator Manual

Page – Calibrating the Pulse and Frequency Resp Use only a power cord that is in good condition. The memory holds calibration constants and setup parameters.

All equipment specified for SC calibration must be calibrated, certified traceable if traceability is to be maintained, and operating within their normal specified operating environment. Repeat steps 5 to 7 until the Calibrator Mainframe display prompts to connect a resistor. Adjusting the Leveled Sine Wave Function. Press the numeric keys and decimal point key to enter the desired frequency output maximum five numeric keys. Note Intermixed with these “output and measure”procedures are internal A calibration procedures that require no action by the operator.

The response is identified 5500aa one of the data types in Table The method of calculation is best shown in the following examples using manal specifications: The maximum frequency of the dual output is 10 kHz. From the Toolbox, double click the Communications iconplacing the icon on the Form1 screen. Calibrating the Voltage Amplitude on an Oscilloscope The oscilloscope voltage vertical gain is calibrated by applying a dc or low frequency square wave signal and adjusting its gain to meet the height specified for different voltage levels, as designated by the graticule line divisions on the oscilloscope.


D Apply power sensor correction factor for 10 MHz W: Thermocouple Measuring Accuracy The Thermocouple Measuring Accuracy test checks the accuracy of the thermocouple measuring circuitry.

Fluke 5500A/COIL Calculator User Manual

Allow the Calibrator Mainframe reading to stabilize, then record the Calibrator Mainframe resistance reading flule each nominal value listed in Table Compare the result to the tolerance 1-year spec. Do all four steps of the previous procedure. Repeat steps 1 to 4 until the Calibrator Mainframe display indicates that the reference frequency is now 10 MHz.

AC Voltage Verification at 50 Q cont.

Fluke Calculator A/COIL User Guide |

If you choose to repair a malfunction, information in this manual can help you to determine which module printed circuit assembly has a fault. Thermocouple Measurement Accuracy The Thermocouple Measurement Accuracy test checks the internal temperature reference. Inguard Supplies The inguard supplies are located on the Voltage assembly A8.

Complete Table by performing the calculations for column C. manuall

Figure shows the arrangement of assemblies inside the A. Both boards use the same procedure to adjust the rise time. Then return manula R57 and try to position the ledge on the center line while keeping it as flat as possible. This signal is also split to drive the external trigger circuits. Due to the small capacitance values, care must be taken to know the actual capacitance at this BNC f connector.


Boost operation using an auxiliary amplifier A Enter A Reading mV for the present frequency. Connecting any additional grounds to the A can cause erroneous capacitance outputs. Check the aberrationscompare with specifications. If this warning occurs recheck the setup and carefully re-enter the reading insuring proper multiplier i. Adjusting the Peak Base with R57 Figure You may operate the calibrator during warmup, but specifications 5050a not guaranteed until warmup is complete.

Following the error code is an explanation of the error code, similar to but sometimes containing more specific information than the EXPLAIN? Table lists the interface messages that the calibrator sends.

Table Of Contents Terminators Rms Versus Peak-to-Peak Waveforms The A Calibrator ranges for ac functions are specified in rms fljke the effective value of the waveform. You have several choices for sending commands to the A: Push the operate key, and use the HP 8A to measure the topline and baseline.

A cursor appears in the Output Display under the lowest digit and begins changing that digit. Connections for Calibrating DC Current.

Verify that the calibrator is in standby and connect the DMM as shown in Figure Make connections with J-type thermocouple wire as shown in Figure Calibrator status is indicated by displaying the DC voltage references developed for the A.