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Jet rved. wn by: Levi Jordan 04; 3. Cut a “V” groove in foam for spars. Pull spar through groove to make round CG INFO Start. FF (Foam Fighter ) – Information and Plans. Picture, Sponsor Free Tiled PDF Plan, Free Non-Tiled PDF Plan. Link to Tiled Super Mega Jet Combo. Foamy Plans FA Tiled Without Borders · FA Tiled with Borders. F F Parts · F Parts Tiled FC Mini-Park Jet Tiled. Katana. Katana S Tiled.

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Updated-Paper Skin for Foam Board

Thanks for letting me use the design Log In to reply. These are in the form of full size templates that are pasted to 6 mm.

Electric, gas or glow powered and scale like folding w…. Desert Wings on May 22, Last edited by wmcneal; Mar 04, at Wow, I like the green geo plan.

I think I’m going to give this a go. FatPanda on August 3, I have several planes that I need to post pics of with the skins on them. A glue gun can be used, at least for repairs and gap filling. Updated-Paper Skin for Foam Board. For expediency, simplicity, and speed I like the pin method best.


rcFoamFighters – Foam Fighter (FF)

Note that I an no expert in this type of RC airplane! Many office supply stores will print on plain paper at affordable rates. Apr 28, I want to redo the article with a picture of a completed airframe s and a link to their associated design pdf files.

There is a recently added email address in my profile. By the way guys, Inkscape works just as well as en alternative to Corel. For more information please click here to see my affiliates disclosure document.

Kurt on March 10, Don’t worry your e-mail address is totally secure. Built using elmers black foam board.

Desert Wings on September 27, Is there a way to print each section onto A4 size paper? If jwts are willing to share the artwork for this plane or other FT designsI will post it with the designs above for others to use.

Bayboos on October 19, I made the mistake of not checking this after getting my first full size plans printed. You need to log-in to comment on articles. RC Sound System Version 4. I have a 24″ wide printer and i could jetd these off onto paper but i don’t know how to move the individual parts around so that i can print them out with my printer, do you have any tips on how to do it?


Desert Wings on October 31, Desert Wings on July 11, Foamu powered and of a smaller convenient size for easy transportation. But i did discover how to get the paper off in case i need to.

Lake Sawyer Hawks Radio Control Flyers Club

Usually the cheapest, lightest, lowest mils is best. Then place another sheet of foam over the top of your handiwork and set some books on top while the spray adhesive dries out a little. You can import the.

Inkscape is FREE, open source, and a decent program. That looks Great FatPanda, here is his plane: As a suggestion, you could show most of the reference lines because they occur on folds and would therefore be barely visible.

As was quickly pointed out riled the comments, many depron and profile builders have been using similar techniques for years. Kurt on October 30, Desert Wings on September 25,