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Results 1 – 48 of Free Shipping on many items from the world’s largest Ford Galaxy Handbook selection. Find the perfect Christmas gift with eBay this. Results 1 – 48 of Free Shipping on many items from the world’s largest Car Manuals & Literature for Ford Galaxy selection. Find the perfect Christmas gift. Free PDF Downloads for all Engine sizes and models for Ford Galaxy.

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The seat belt must fit tightly around your body to achieve its optimum effect. Have repairs to the electrical system and the replacement of relays and high current fuses carried out by a properly trained technician.

Show only see all. See Using voice forr page Instruments Fuel gauge Airbag warning lamp The arrow adjacent to the fuel pump If it illuminates when driving, this symbol tells you on which side of your indicates a malfunction.

Ford Galaxy Workshop & Owners Manual | Free Download

Join our mailing list Your email. Locks Locking and unlocking the Locking and unlocking the doors and the luggage doors from inside compartment lid with the Driver’s door remote control E Unlock Lock Luggage compartment lid unlock E Locking the doors and the luggage compartment lid with the remote Lock all doors control Unlock all doors Lower the fuse box and pull it towards Central fuse box you.

Page Appendices Engine immobiliser If the type approval of your engine immobiliser is inspected, refer to the following table. Page 5 Table of contents Roof racks and load carriers See Windscreen wipers page C-Max – Do not use a rearward facing child restraint on a seat protected by an airbag in front of Wear a seat belt and keep sufficient Page Climate dord Your vehicle is fitted with either a You can set the temperature galaxh dual-zone or triple-zone system.


Blower E Set the air distribution control, blower and air vents to suit your requirements. Page Towing 4. Before starting your journey, make sure E that the tow ball arm is properly locked.

Gran Torino – Transit Connect – Fully depress the accelerator pedal and hold it there.

Information displays Message indicator hanbdook. Fusion – Insert the plug into its seat 1. Pull the loop at the rear of the seat cushion and fold the seat cushion forwards until it lies flat on the floor 1. Haynes Manual Ford Galaxy – X to Make sure that you secure all loose items properly. You will hear a short tone.

Buy Car Manuals & Literature for Ford Galaxy | eBay

See Luggage anchor points page A small format double-fold 6-sided booklet with English text. Ka – Certain phones require a special Office file to be installed to enable full phonebook access via Bluetooth. Gently press the bulb into the bulb holder, turn it anti-clockwise and remove it.

The cruise control indicator Cruise control allows you to control your hzndbook. Information displays Message Message Meaning warning lamp Rear fog light: Year Reversing lamp, fog lamp and tail lamp E 3. Page Starting the engine Connect the engine heater for 2 to 3 hours before starting the engine.


Press the left arrow button to exit the menu. Connectinganexternal Device Plug in the device, and if necessary below: Load carrying Luggage compartment floor Sliding loadspace floor vehicles with five seats E E See Direction indicators page nandbook Recalling a stored seat position Note: Make sure that the wiper blade locks into place.

Ford Car manuals

Mondeo – You should repair paintwork damage caused by stones from the road or minor scratches as soon as possible.

Page Seats 1. See Telephone commands page Information displays Function Type 1 Type 2 Type 3 Navigation control CD control CD changer control Radio control Phone control Auxiliary hanbdook control Press the up and down arrow buttons Type 1 on the steering wheel to scroll through the trip computer displays.

Telephone CD navigation units Press the microphone mute button. To raise the seatback, pull the lever up and push the seat cushion forwards using your weight.

Twist the screwdriver in the position shown to separate the two halves of the remote control. Go to front page. Haynes Manuals produce a wide range of informative, practical manuals and books suitable for novices and experts alike. Windows and mirrors 2. More refinements More refinements