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Suggestive Mentalism by Ford Kross – Suggestive Mentalism by Ford Kross PDF PLEASE NOTE: This item is a digital download, Gimmick. I just heard from Jon Riggs that Ford Kross passed away. ‘It Ain’t Body Building’ , ‘Suggestive Mentalism’ and also ‘Kross on Psi Parties’. Suggestive Mentalism by Ford Kross [abk] – Suggestive Mentalism by Ford Kross PDF PLEASE NOTE: This item is a digital.

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Theory11 – Jason England – The Dead Cut [S] – $ : Promotion

If you are paying in this way you MUST write your Yourname order number in the description section when paying so we can easily recognize your payment. Whether you are a beginner?? System 88 by Docc Hilford and Dr. Whether you are a beginner??

I do know if this book will be of value to you or not? You have now established your bonafides as a mind reader and built up your credibility for the suggestion that is to follow. This booklet is the best thing I’ve purchased this year.

And Ford makes sure of your credentials before you can acquire the manuscript. You must create mwntalism impression that you are a genuine psychic. Is it worth the asking price?

First off, if you are new to mentalism, leave the booklet alone! I’m not sure if this is for my own amusement or to confuse anyone who happens to see me work with more than one person. Frankly, Telepathy in Action and, I assume, Suggestive Mentalism are probably more powerful than anything you’ve seen or experienced. Product Reviews Choose a ranking for this item. Then bit by bit, with dramatic emphasis, reveal her grandmothers maiden name.


Would you need both or does Ford ,ross give enough info to work out the basic of Oliver Meyers? Extending my left hand out stretched; I ask them to place their right hand palm down mentalisk my palm up left hand.

Is it for you? I now lift their hand to an upright position at right angles to the floor. No need to question this anymore, because this is the answer. While this total presentation cannot fit into all situations; it is flexible enough to cover most situations. The better a person is able to visualize and imagine, the more their Undeveloped Sensory Perception is released.

The method that follows is my version of “Telepathy in Action”. On occasions when I have explained the way the pendulum works to civilians, some have refused to believe it and prefer to suggetsive some occult function to the pendulums operation. Customers who bought this product also purchased You continue, “Lift your right hand from mine. That there was no way that sugestive one, even if familiar with the principles, could totally expose the method.

Find a selected card in blazing speed. Incidentally, pendulums fall under the general categories of Radiesthesia or Dowsing. Four-Sight By Syd Bergson. Don’t take me wrong here, but if you “need” info on ofrd booklets, it’s because you are not ready for it!!! Remember, when all else fails, you krross pre-show information on people and since you haven’t announced what suggestivf were going to do, you proceed as if you hadn’t intended to do anything but read minds. Despite his grumpy reputation, I admire his effort to be more protective of the art.

The Magic Cafe Forums – Suggestive mentalism by Ford Cross

I felt that certain areas of Mentalism already familiar to most of us, but in little use, were the path to take. I say something to the effect “Now, I’m going to send you a mental command. Rest in peace, old boy. You will see the bank details once you have placed the order. Be sure to focus your comments on the product.


This just made things simple. Commenting that this is an extremely empathic audience and he would like to take the experiment a step further. Subscribe today to Genii Magazine. Suggestive Mentalism by Ford Kross Price: Conclusion Now there are some times and places and weakness to this krows of act.

Suggestive Mentalism by Ford Kross

Explaining to the audience that any one of them could do the same, I show how they can read my mind. I will miss him. Home New Products Contact Us. Anyway in a different matter, if anyone wants to help me about the design duplication I am asking about, I am still waiting. Up until this thread, I have not even bothered to read it long story. If they are not planning to stay, I bid them enjoyment and take my leave.

Since the act you will be doing relies heavily on suggestibility, it follows as Day follows Doris that you pick the most suggestible subjects for use on stage. At first, I didn’t believe that the concept would work?