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You can now load FreeHand files in CS6, CC and using the FreeHand Interface Plugin: .. File >> Export and save as Illustrator-file. i had done a bit of research online in regards to which file formats that Freehand can export to, and all the information says that version 10 and MX *CAN* export. Hi. The only way I’ve found (so far to be perfect). In FH: File > Export > Save as Windows Metafile (WMF) In Autocad: IMPORT (command line) or Insert.

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The removal of this feature does not help at all. I’m testing out the CS6 trial, but if there’s no conversion capability, we’ll be sticking with CS5 for the forseeable future. Please turn JavaScript back on and reload this page.

Please please fix this! This feature in Illu is just crap Hi there, a possible solution. Get started or learn new ways to work.

FreeHand Support Center

All times are GMT. I don’t want to have to buy another program specially not Coreldraw and I want to exporttar rid of my older versions of adobe.

I would urge Adobe to stop alienating its clients, and stop trying to force them to do what they want, instead of giving its clients what they need.

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I did not waste my precious time converting them all to. Please bring back this ability. That would save you some time with the PDF option. If so can we at least find out if something is being done about this, or should I stop my upgrades to CS6 and save my company a load of money?


Read the FreeHand 9 updater release notes in the language of your choice for a full list of Windows and Macintosh issues that are still outstanding. We have lots of original artwork in Freehand that we need to dig up from the archives somewhat frequently.

This updater fixes several outstanding issues discovered since the release of FreeHand MX v. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

Adobe underestimates the value of Freehand and refuses to accept it. It worked in CS 5.

If, as you say, MX was advertised as the cartographer’s program of choice because AI could NOT do these things, sounds to me like an easy argument to get your money back.

Range till This updater fixes several outstanding issues discovered since the release of FreeHand MX You don’t have JavaScript enabled. I was recently delighted to find that CS6 freehane easily open my old 15 years Corel Draw files.

I tried different methods: Unfortunately, now we’re running CS 5 alongside CS6 for this purpose. The FreeHand 9 updaters are now available for download. I’d exxportar to have their machines die and have to put them on a new Mac with expotrar way to run FH.

Home Services Forums Advertise Contact. Go to an old computer open the freehand file and export as Illustrator 7. We have thousands of Freehand files dating back more than ten eexportar. But I need a lot of time to give each object its Pantone. Any word from Adobe here!?? WMF destroys the bezier curves, and its an extra step in the workflow, and do you know how much AutoCad costs! Very sad to see this feature wasn’t carried into CS6. My old Macs now dead or missing, I switched to Illustrator and, like all of you, need to open old files rather often.


See all solutions for enterprise. I use it and the conversions are very good. Printing Optimizing Printing Printing Problems. A bulk solution to at least get things freehqnd. It is unbelievable that, all of a sudden, you just can’t open old Freehand files in Illustrator anymore. If you previously installed the English 9. Updaters FreeHand MX Adobe is changing the world through digital experiences.

It works but things are moved and I need hours to put everything in order. Terms of Use Privacy Cookies. Did anyone ever come up with a solution to open old Freehand files in CS6? Do people from Adobe actually read these forums?

Open Freehand files with Illustrator CS6 | Adobe Community

Also, the time required is a fraction of what it took to open the same files in FH8 or 9, and you have the option of joining segmented paths upon opening as well a feature I admit not to having tested with any authority to date. Similar Threads director export to avi – animation not playing during export By Bonzi in forum Macromedia Director 3D.

I only started using Illustrator when it got the ability to open Freehand files, because of the huge amout of these I have in backup. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.