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O · Continental E & E · Continental GO · Continental O . & O Accessory Case Nut & Washer Set. $ Add to cart Details . () |[email protected] · Contact Us.

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This means that everything that you plan on reusing must be inspected and yellow tagged. Maybe it was possibly them? I used Hrs as it was a nice round number.

Fresno Air Parts?

Results 1 to 8 of 8. I tried today a few times and it said the number is no longer in service, I tried a few times and emailed them as well.

My “free” C had toasted crank, cam, cylinders and carb.

Just don’t pay a lot for the engine you are looking at unless the owner wants to guarantee at least the case and crank are usable. The Chandler Downtown Airport is located approximately two miles west of the heart of Fresno, along the north side of historic Kearney Boulevard. They airpwrts been in business a long, long time.

Also bought “Continental” pushrods that were bogus but so badly made that we sent them back. The Streamline Moderne terminal may have been the work of Lyle L.

Continental C, C & O Archives – Fresno Airparts Co.

Chandler was born 8 April in Illinois and settled with his family a farm north of Selma, California, in All the stuff I’ve been getting from Fresno Airparts has come in the original Continental or Superior boxes. It CAN be rebuilt. Don can also handle the STC.

You are going to need fwf, how about finding some salvage tornado damage or somebody upgrading HP? Some years back they supplied soft Continental gears and foisted them off as new old stock real Continental.


The Chamber of Commerce attempted to pass two separate bond measures for the purchase of airport property, but both measures failed. If you elect to replace the engine, give some consideration to the C with the O crank, pistons, connecting rods and carb. Designs reflected the essential characteristic of all machines: Vivian’s name even ended up on the AD as a buyer. Are there other suppliers, similar to Fresno Airparts, who stock common A65 bits such as valves, rings and pistons etc?

One component included within the WPA project site plan was never constructed: Has anybody had any problems with fresno air parts? So it was just some extra bucks to go the STC route.

I’ve never heard anybody say anything bad about them. I have purchased cont parts from them on a number of occasions over the years and can’t say anything but good about them. I used Divco for case work, Aircraft Specialty Services for major parts, Fresno for bits and pieces and of course Aircraft Spruce for screws, nuts, bolts etc. In my opinion, since this is not allowed by the Continental Manual, I elected to call my work: They only take phone orders and ship everything C.

Org is free and easy! One window of the Annex Building has been in-filled. I am surprised and disappointed that the FAA didn’t close them down. If you replace the mags with Slicks, getting a kit with the gears already installed is the way to go. During his administration several major public works projects were accomplished, including the airport, the Memorial Auditoriumthe new Fresno City Hall and the Belmont Subway.

Stylistic elements included linear, hard edge or angular compositions, often with vertical emphasis and highlighted with stylized decoration of floral motifs, zigzags and chevrons. It is up to you what time s you choose. If you need to replace cylinders, the Millennium kit is expensive, but it is worth it. Works Progress Adminstration Project and are contributors to the district. Those crooks sold us bogus accessory gears soft for our C about 20 years ago.


You can search the ADs on this subject. It’s easy and you can then join the fun posting and learning about Short Wing Pipers!

Continental E185 & E225

The modified C gets 4. Robert Weber also in Fresno is another supplier of Continental parts. The prop had a dent in it as if it hit an I-beam. Airparys the family moved from their Selma ranch to a home west of Fresno, between Kearney Boulevard and Whitesbridge Road.

Irwin, listed as a draftsman in apparently private practice. Chandler and his wife Edna Marie stepped in and deeded one hundred acres of their farm to the city for an fesno. The fifth building, which houses the Fresno Airparts Company, was constructed in and is a non-contributor. I’ve seen push rods sold by them also and they obviously are poorly made bogus parts. The terminal itself reflects the visual vocabulary of the Art Aiprarts or Streamline Moderne of the s.

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All times are GMT I have never had a problem with anything from Fresno. Over his long career he served five terms in the State Assembly and two terms in the Senate. You did a great job there. As far as I can see you’ve replaced more than half of fresnl details.