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Instruction manual • Read online or download PDF • Futaba 12Z User Manual. Futaba 12Z User Manual • Motor • Futaba Accessories communication. Read online or download PDF • Page / • Futaba 12Z User Manual • Futaba Accessories communication.

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Page 71 condition whose priority you want to change in the condition list. Functions and mixing functions necessary for each model type are set in advance at the factory.

Futaba 12Z Series Manuals

Lever Head Lever Head 1. Fuselage linkage Connect the throttle rudder, aileron, elevator, pitch, and other servos in accordance with the kit instruction manual. Danger Do not connect any other chargers except CR to this charging connector. Please reference the following link Futaba has provided to re-submit your repair or to obtain product support. We hope we will have the opportunity to provide you with great products and outstanding customer service in the future.

Page PIT to RUD mixing Revolution mixing Use this mix when you want to suppress the However, when a GY Series or other heading reaction torque generated by main rotor pitch and hold fugaba is used, since correction is performed speed changes at pitch operation.

Seven swash types are available for helicopters. SWASH MIX Example of use The swash mix function is used to correct the swash plate in the aileron roll direction and elevator cyclic pitch corresponding to each undesirable tendencies in the roll direction operation of each condition.

Curve setting operation This section describes the setting procedure of curves which are used with the AFR function and each Curve type selection Curve type selection 1. Page 16 Adjustment of the stick lever length Adjustment of Throttle Stick Ratchet System You can also choose either airplane ratchet system or helicopter-touch. Swash Mix SWASH MIX Example of use The swash mix function is used to correct the swash plate in the aileron roll direction and elevator cyclic pitch corresponding to each undesirable tendencies in the roll direction operation of each condition.


Setting method [Fine tuning VR operation mode] turn the data input dial to the left and push the enter and counterclockwise, the mixing r a t e i n c r e a s e s a n d d e c r e a s e srespectively. Adjust it so that the nose does not swing in the rudder direction. Use only the Futaba lithium ion transmitter charger included with this set for, or other chargers approved by Futaba to charge the Li-Ion batteries in the 1 Z transmitter.

For PCM mode, you can set eight linear channels and one digital channel. Throttle Mix THROTTLE MIX This function corrects slowing of engine the mixing item corresponding to the mixing that speed caused by swash plate operation at aileron needs correction and push the enter button to call or elevator operation.

We apologize for this inconvenience. The T12Z is designed so that the airplane Before setting the model data, use the Model and glider including EP glider model types are Type function of the Linkage Menu to select the If a target time is set and the timer reaches the set The timers are stored independently with each model, time, a buzzer sound for each count is generated. Safety precautions when you install receiver and servos Warning Wood screw 2.

Page Updating following procedure to update the program. Its frequency can be changed within the range of Modulation mode selection the frequency band of the module used. Prior approval of the appropriate government authorities may be required.

The screen depends on the model type.

Motor – Futaba 12Z User Manual

The preset elevators and flaps camber flap, brake flap offset amount can be activated by a switch. Comments to this Manuals Your Name. Page 24 is displayed and the frequency data is sent to the receiver 5. When the aileron stick is manipulated, the ailerons and camber flaps perform aileron operation simultaneously and the operation characteristic of the roll axis is improved. Up to 8 and other functions common to all model types.

Futaba® – Contact Us

Page 70 Flight condition’s addition, deletion, copy, condition renaming, and condition janual can be set. Up to 17 curve the setup screen shown below by pushing the Currently selected condition name enter button.

Page 64 Mixing rate setting procedure The HR-3 is taken as an example to describe mixing rate setting. Mixing applied in other swash modes is different, but the setting procedure is the same. Switch selection manhal lever, or VR are used as a switch setting method is common to all functions.


Page 17 CF card memory size is 32MB. The aileron, be set. Helicopter basic setting procedure etc. Also Split Time may be counted. Maunal independent timers are provided for your use.

You can freely change combinations between servo output channels and input controllers sticks, switches, trim levers and trim switches. Page 77 fuel mixture control carburetor. You may individually except Condition Select. Page Operation modes Symmetrical box mode Mannual operation modes when stick, trim lever, or but left and right up and down operation is knob was selected are described below. Receiver nomenclature Before using the receiver, be sure futabz read the precautions listed in the following pages.

The futqba speed can be set in 2 ranges of slow speed flight and high speed operated as a safety function by setting 2 switches. Thank you, Horizon Hobby. Equipment for reading and writing CF cards are available at most electronics stores. The servos operate smoothly at a side and return OUT side can also be set by servo speed setting 1 function.

Futaba 12Z User Manual

If you manuql purchased this product from an exporter outside your own country and not the authorized Futaba dis- tributor in your country, please contact the seller immediately to determine if such export regulations have been met. Page 41 Use this function when you want to suppress the torque generated by the changes in the pitch and speed of the main rotor during pitch operation. If you later change model commands that apply to helicopters only. Setting method enter a point and push the enter button.

The offset amount of the aileron, elevator, and Mode setting: