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The game was Gangbusters, and it brought many things that had not a look at Gangbusters and I’ll tell you why you should give this old TSR. QucsIiom about the GANGBUSTERS mln should be xnl Io: GANGBUSnRS Puntiam, TSR, Ins., FQB , Lake Geneva, Wr, h n c n must include a. From the back of the box GANGBUSTERS role-playing game is different from most other games. Instead of simply rolling dice and moving pieces around a.

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Low rolls are modified upward, so that most scores tend to be at least in the 40s, though scores as low as 26 are possible with poor die rolls.

Go to our Sales Site. In addition to the rule book, the boxed set contains counters, maps of Lakefront City, and a module, Mad Dog Johnny Drake, which includes pre-generated characters.

Black & Green Games

Safe for now, but where will you turn next? Last Chance Noir Discussion of noir rsr, films and games; analysis of narratives; game design; Friday sleuths.

Inside each boxed set was usually one or two saddle-stapled books of 32 or 64 pages. Earning experience points gangbutsers a character’s level which is an indicator of social status in the game settingand allows the character’s player to improve the character’s abilities and purchase new skills.

In order, they were:. When he grew older, the Musician’s Union decided he’d make a great spokesman.


Your decisions and fast action determine whether you win or lose, whether the criminals are arrested or escape, whether your game character becomes a hero or is gunned down in a blazing shootout.

Some players may find out that winning may end up costing them more than they are willing to pay. Boxed sets in pristine condition will include a pair of sided dice.

TSR GangBusters “Roaring 20’s” Role-Playing Game – Google+

When these two groups clash, the only result is death Characters are further customized by adding non-career skillssuch as Auto Theft or Photography. An emphasis is placed on the violent growth of organized crime during Prohibition.

The 3 rd Edition book was printed with the Lakefront City map attached inside the back cover, but copies with this map intact are becoming more difficult to find.

I love how he starts out as the Every man, one only seeking to get paid and ends up caught up in things beyond his control.

Players must face the problems and dangers of a life-and-death struggle against crime.

Characters are named at this point, then all of these Abilities, scores, and other information are explained along with some of the mechanics that use them. It is into this turbulent, heady, adventurous time that the Gangbusters RPG takes the players. In addition to the page rule book, the box contained a page adventure, a game map representing several blocks of Lakefront Citya sheet of cardboard counters representing characters and vehiclesand two dice.


These are good suggestions!

Gangbusters: Core Rules

The basic chances of a character succeeding at an action are equal to the character’s score in a relevant ability or skill, subject to modifiers assigned by the Judge. Cops get awarded for making high profile busts.

Players must face the problems and dangers of a life-and-death struggle against crime. Leveling has several possible effects — increase in Ability Scoresincrease in skillsgangbustesr of new skillspicking up the special benefits each career has listed in its description, and more.

A fair amount of space is spent on automotive-related rules to gangbusteers the car chase. But you can also play a straight-arrow detective who gets the other PCs put in jail. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Gangbusters Gangbusters 3rd Edition cover.

Gangbusters (role-playing game) – Wikipedia

The first edition of the game was published in Then Arthur gave a cocktail party and one of the guests decided he’d make a great corpse. Use a call box. Modern readers might not be aware that FBI agents could not actually make arrests untilthat the Browning Automatic Rifle was commonly in use by Law Enforcement, or that crime labs were almost unheard of until the establishment of the FBI headquarters lab.

The rules are basically unchanged.