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G n c 2 5 0 x l • Read online or download PDF • Garmin GNC XL User Manual . View and Download Garmin XL pilot’s manual and reference online. Garmin GNC XL aviation-panal mount: User Guide. XL GPS pdf manual. Garmin GNC XL Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Garmin GNC XL Pilot’s Manual And Reference.

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Page 88 30 nm of a departure airport. Taking the Takeoff Tour on this website. Some messages are advisory in nature, others are warnings that may require your intervention.

Basic IFR is what I’m looking for. The destination field will go blank. Insert the card with the thumb tab at the top, and the beveled corner at the bottom. Page 44 Page 45 Page 46 Page 47 – Section 3: Page 44 To select a frequency from a list, highlight the desired frequency and press E.

Different symbols are used to distinguish between waypoint types.

Garmin GNC XL Manuals

Intersection Information Intersection Position Page The last database waypoint category available is intersections. Cary, North Carolina Posts: The second and third lines of the satellite status page provide the satellite number and signal strength of each satellite in view.

Data from the user memory has been used to reset the configuration. If you are not currently navigating a particular route leg e.

The transfer key flip-flops the active and standby frequencies. Use to enter 250xp desired speed. Manual squelch control is not available. Rotate the knob counterclockwise to decrease the map scale and show a smaller area. Don’t show me this message again. I have the manuals Check the installation settings for correctness. To view the communication page from any of the airport information pages: From the Garmin site: Osc needs adjustment – The GNC 250dl has detected excessive drift in its internal crystal oscillator which may result in longer acquisition time.


Page 12 This is a good indication that you are receiving signals and satellite lock will occur. Send a private message to DGlaeser.

Garmin GNC 250XL Specifications

Page 23 The following functions may be displayed in the ground speed field: In addition to the destination field and graphical CDI, the GNC XL CDI page features four selectable fields for various navigation data so that the page may be con- figured to your own preferences see Section 1 for more information.

The message key is used to view system messages.

Page 33 In addition to the other five pages, the GNC XL features two menu pages to perform a host of planning and navigation functions. During this time, the GNC XL will continue to navigate and track satellites, but will not backlight the display until a key is pressed or a knob is turned. The following functions are available: The following functions garmiin be displayed in the ground speed field: To view additional runways, rotate the the maual of the arrow prompts.

Garmin XL vs XL. User com- ments may be added to waypoints stored in the user or NavData allow you to note two lines of special information concerning a particular waypoint.

Garmin site lists only the pilot reference manual for the two. Find all posts by rmd.


To activate a route in reverse order: The unit should be taken to an authorized service center immediately. Page 17 Communication frequencies are shown in the top left corner of the map page, instead of across the top line as shown on other GNC XL screens. If the message persists, the unit is not usable and should be taken to an authorized service center for repair. The pages available for each waypoint category are presented here in the order they appear on the waypoint menu page: Rochester Hills, MI Posts: The below is an extract from what the Garmin folks sent me when I asked the same question.


Rotate the wrench counterclockwise until it stops to ensure the pawl latch is in the proper position. To continue with more data 250xo types, repeat steps 4, 5 and 6. During gatmin course of navigating with the GNC XL, there may be times when you need to quickly select a comm frequency while you 205xl entering data in the GPS window.

Press twice to activate the cursor in the Agrmin window. Page 25 The map display occupies the right side of the display and shows your position relative to nearby airports, navaids, user waypoints and airspaces.

Gatmin frequencies are shown in the top left corner of the map page, instead of across the top line as shown on other GNC XL screens.

Garmin GNC 250XL Aviation GPS Receiver

Table Of Contents Appendix C: The airport position page shows the position, field elevation and available fuels for the selected airport. Page 64 Entering waypoint comments. If you enter the overlap area you will only be informed of the nearest proximity waypoint. The copy function can be used to save the con- tents of the active route route 0 to an open storage route. Page 75 The route catalog page serves as the main page for creating, edit- ing, activating, deleting and copying all routes.